HooToo 10 Port USB 3 Hub Review

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HooToo 10 port USB 3 hubThe HooToo 10 port USB 3 hub is great for anyone that wants quick and easy access to a lot of USB devices. It’s made of plastic, but has a nice solid weight to it. The feet on the bottom of the unit provide it with some stability against it slipping around your desk when plugging/unplugging up to 10 items.

Next to each of the USB 3 ports (this will work with USB 2 items) is a light to indicate an item is plugged in. The light is either on or off, it didn’t flicker when the device (in this case a memory stick) was in use.

On Windows 7 PC when first plugged in the drivers mental disorders were automatically installed and within a couple of minutes it was ready to use.

This is especially useful if the USB 3 port on your PC is a little tricky to get to, just plug this in and have it located in an easy to reach spot and you can then easily plug in memory cards, printers, scanners, cameras etc.

Fantastic product for those with a lot of USB devices, although a little bulky if you want to carry it around for use with a laptop.

The HooToo 10 port USB 3 hub is available on Amazon now, and at the time of writing it was on specially offer, reduced from £59.99 to £34.99.


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