HooToo HT-WR01 Wireless Repeater Review

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The HooToo HT-WR01 is a wifi repeater that aims to eliminate those annoying dead spots around your home where the wifi signal has trouble reaching.  Most houses will have the router at one end of the house, in a living room for example, and can struggle with getting a signal at the other end and the idea is that the HT-WR01 sits somewhere within the signal and boosts it to areas that don’t have a signal.  

The HT-WR01 looks nice enough, it’s glossy white with a curved design and it’s likely you’ll just plug it in and forget about it. One downside is that there is no plug pass through, so whatever socket you use you’ll loose for everyday use, which might be a problem if it’s in the hallway and you need it for a vacuum cleaner.

Setup was easy enough once I’d checked the instructions a couple of times, the instructions are not the clearest they could be. A setup guide has been included in the video below that will hopefully be useful to others.  The setup process was completed by connecting directly to the unit over wifi, but there is an option to connect via Ethernet as well. Head to the routers webpage by typing, enter ‘admin’ as the username and password and you should land on the management screen. Having setup a couple of routers recently I’ve seen similar web based setups and they always go directly into the setup process on first connection, it would have been nice if this also dropped you into the setup rather than a generic page where you need to click to start this process (‘Setup wizard’ top left).  

Once in, the setup wizard was clear and simple: Select repeater mode, select your existing network, enter your wifi password and save/reboot. Once that’s completed you should be able to connect and get online!

In tests the repeater did improve the wifi signal and I can see this being a brilliant way of ensuring you’ve no dead spots around your home. I’ve taken a star off for the poor instructions and it not going into the setup wizard the first time you logon, everything else has been fine.

The HooToo HT-WR01 Wireless Repeater is available on Amazon now, and at the time of writing is on sale for just £13.49: http://goo.gl/KmpeIO

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  1. thanks – this got my HooToo going when nothing else did. I’d moved house and changed ISPs and it wouldn’t connect to anything until I worked through your instructions. The manual that came with the kit was not easy to follow…

  2. I cannot seem to connect to the site. I have tried it many times, and reset the repeater multiple times, and still cannot connect. Please help

    • The only suggestion I’d have is to make sure you’re connected to the repeater WiFi. If you don’t connect to the repeater WiFi you can’t connect to it’s admin console.

      • Thanks I’ve got most everything functioning now. I had to abandon windows 10 and use my old Vista laptop and it worked on three of my 4 repeaters. The 4rth one may be defective.
        Thank you for your quick response!

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