How to fix Google balance not updating for in-app purchases

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Have you ever tried to make an in-app purchased and found your balance is lower than expected? Here’s how I fixed the problem when I had the issue.

I recently found my in-app balance was lower than my Google store balance. I knew my balance should’ve been much higher as I’d recently redeemed a Google Play credit from Topcashback (a site that helps you earn cashback on purchases made online).

I fixed it by forcing the app to refresh my account balance.

  • In app select the item you wish to purchase and bring up the payment options
  • Click on your existing Play credit
  • Turn it off, this means the app will charge your card directly for the full amount
  • Go through the same process but this time turn on use of the credit
  • When you’re returned to the app you should now find your full credit balance is available for use for your in app purchase

It worked for me and meant I didn’t need to wait around for the answer to a support ticket.

If you have any other methods leave them in the comments below.

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