HP LC100w WiFi Action Camera Review

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The HP LC100W Action Camera is the latest low cost video camera looking to tap into the GoPro market.

The build quality of the LC100W is very good, this looks and feels like a well made gadget that will survive trips out and about.  On the front is the 8MP lens and small LCD screen, around the sides are the controls for power, mode, WiFi and two ports: one for a micro SD card, the other a USB port for charging/transferring data.  On the bottom is a small section to attach accessories to.

HP have included a range of accessories with the LC100W, you get a nice waterproof case that the camera slips while still having access to the buttons.  There is a tripod mount adapter, belt clip, handlebar mount (which can double up as a wrist mount if you happen to have small wrists) and a lanyard to wear this around your neck.

HP LC100W Action CameraThere are a couple of different ways to use the LC100W, you can just turn it on and press the record button or you can download the companion app and connect to it via it’s own WiFi network.  This only takes a moment to setup and it gives you a real time view of what the camera sees.  You can then control all functions from your mobile, including selecting the operating mode, starting to record and rotating the image.

There are 3 modes available:

  • Photo
  • Time Lapse
  • Video

Time Lapse is an interesting mode, but also a little frustrating.  The first attempt didn’t go too well as the camera ran out of power, it would be better for it to check and warn the user if power is too low before starting a timelapse.  When it did work the results were good and could be stored as photos, a video, or both photos and a video.

The LC100W offers good video quality for the price, although there are a couple of niggles, firstly the microphone doesn’t go a particularly good job, on playback it’s a struggle to hear much even when footage is recorded out of the protective case.

Secondly the footage tended to judder a little if the camera moved around a lot, you’ll see this In the video review when chasing a cat on foot.  Don’t bounce the camera around and footage quality is much better, as you can see later in the video.

These are fairly minor niggles, after all the LC100W is a budget video camera, one that comes with a good range of accessories in the box.  It won’t replace a dedicated camcorder, but for those interested in experimenting with a mini camera without the budget for a top end GoPro it does a great job.

Available now from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1D7pSgj


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