IMORDEN Ball Bearing Camera Slider Review

The IMORDEN Ball Bearing Camera Slider comes in a range of sizes, 80cm 100cm and 120cm, and is designed to give you silky smooth camera footage in a variety of different situations.

It comes in a bag which has a shoulder strap, meaning you can easily transport this to different locations.  The bag contains the slider, the optional feet stands plus some tools and cleaning clothes for general maintenance.

The sliding section has a standard tripod thread on it as well as a clamp.  Unfortunately there isn’t a quick release plate included which makes attaching equipment a little fiddly.

The clamp is only there to lock the sliding section in place, which means there isn’t any way to regulate the sliding speed, you’ll just have to manually choose to slide fast or slow.  This can lead to uneven speeding and it’s a real pity better controls over sliding speed aren’t available.

You’ve got a number of options with the IMORDEN slider, it can be used horizontally or vertically, it can be attached to tripods (either one centrally or one at either side) which opens up a lot more shooting options, and the optional feet mean this can be used on a range of surface as well as giving control over the shooting angle.

IMORDEN Slider Uses

It only takes a couple of minutes to setup with the feet, they slide on to the end and are held in place by an easy to use screw.  As mentioned it then take a bit of getting use to, the lack of control over how fast it slides is very disappointing and means a good shot is easily spoiled by the slip of the hand.

To add additional controls and functionality you’ll see in the review video the slider was paired with the recently reviewed Zecti Aluminum Tripod Head.  This was a great addition as it added a quick release plate, plus additional options on how the camera was positioned.

Overall this is a well made bit of camera equipment, it’s made from aluminum so is easy to carry around for portable shoots.  The fee are useful, as is the ability to combine this with other equipment such as tripods.

Considering the price it does feel like it’s missing features that would benefit filmmakers, primarily the ability to control the sliders speed.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2kYK5FC and USA: http://amzn.to/2mybwSM


 IMORDEN Ball Bearing Camera Slider Video Review


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