Inner Demon: Sole Trader Review

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Inner Demon: Sole Trader is a fun new online puzzle game designed to be just frustrating enough to have that ‘just one more go…’ factor.  You play a demon who needs to possess humans and take them to the level exit, presumably to drag them off to hell.  As well as collecting humans you can also collect green gemstones, after all what demon doesn’t love a bit of bling?  Your score is determined by how quickly you person nap all the humans as well as how many gemstones you grab.

The puzzle element is that your demon is a bit of an extreme mover, using the arrow keys you tell it which direct you want to go and it flys off at warp speed, only stopping when an object is in the way.  This means there is a set path to all items on screen you can collect and you need to figure out the correct path to finish the level.  The game starts off nice and simple and gets increasingly more complicated as things progress, it’s one of those games you’ll start off intending to spend 5 minutes on and then realise 30 minutes have flown by.

But don’t just take this reviewers word for it, give it a go below!  Let us know what you think in the comments, any level proving especially tricky?

[swf src=”http://trynewgames.com/innerdemon/InnerDemon.swf” width=700 height=600]

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