Iropro Windows 8.1 Tablet PC Review

The Iropro Windows 8.1 tablet is one of the more impressive value for money bit of kit sent for review.

It’s not especially expensive and Android tablets tested around this price tend to be rather cheap and nasty. It turns out for the low price this is a brilliant little tablet.

Build quality is really good, it’s a nice looking tablet that isn’t a cheap chunky monkey. It’s light and easy to hold in one hand.

There’s an 8 inch screen and it’s powered by an Intel Baytrail-T quad core processor.

Boot time is very fast, it’s running FULL Windows 8.1, not a cut down version, plus it comes with 1 years Office 365 included for FREE!

Given that’s normally about the same cost of this tablet it represents amazing value for money. It’s not clear how long the free Office 365 offer will last so for now consider it a bonus feature to a great tablet.

Iropro Windows Tablet

Windows actually makes for a really nice tablet experience, it’s quick and easy to use and this is great for generally checking emails or a bit of web surfing. Should you want access to the more traditional desktop it’s just a click away and the tablet moves between desktop and tablet mode very smoothly.

The Iropro tablet features both front and back cameras which, for the low price, are surprisingly good. ¬†While they’re not going to become your main camera they’re great for Skyping or just taking the odd snap.

Iropro Windows Tablet Photo 3 Iropro Windows Tablet Photo 2 Iropro Windows Tablet Photo 1






In the review video you’ll the the Iropro tablet working with a USB keyboard and mouse combination, however it’s worth noting that this also has Bluetooth so you could just as easily use a Bluetooth keyboard instead to remove the need for the USB wire you see me use.

The big benefit of this tablet over tablets running other operating systems is that it’s full Windows, and there are loads of amazing free programs, such as VLC, Spotify etc that run perfectly well. It’s not going to be a tablet for heavy PC game playing or video editing, but it’s not trying to be.

Fantastic value for money.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1NrKgvA

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