Kehan C60 Action Camera Review

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The Kehan C60 Action Camera is a compact video camera that takes inspirations from GoPro.

Controls are kept to a minimum, power/mode button on the front, menu controls on the side, and a single button on top to take photos/video.

There is a little screen on the back that’s brilliant when lining up shots. This automatically shuts down to save power if the camera isn’t used for a couple of minutes.

A microSD card can be slotted in at the side and that’s where you’ll also find the USB port for charging. A microSD card isn’t included with the camera.

What the camera does come with is a loads of accessories, for example a waterproof case, a belt attachment and a helmet mount. With so many accessories it’s disappointing a small case or bag to keep everything in wasn’t included.

Kehan C60 Accessories

The waterproof case can be a bit fiddly to open the first few times out of the box, but after you’ve opened and closed it a few times it becomes much easier. Once inside the case you still have access to the buttons on the camera, but keep in mind sound will be muffled.

The mode button quickly cycles through video mode, slow motion mode, camera mode and the settings menu.

There are a range of options for video quality vs frames per second, slow motions mode is good fun although note that unlike the iPhone slow motion mode audio isn’t recorded.

There is also the option to use this as a time lapse camera, with different settings for how often a photo should be taken. The results are really interesting to watch, especially things like rolling clouds or flowers opening up.

This is a good fun little GoPro alternative that offers decent quality video and a good range of accessories, it’s just a pity a case or bag isn’t included to keep everything tidy.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/28TYY1y and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/28TrcJY

Kehan C60 Action Camera Video Review

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