LIFX GU10 Smart Bulbs

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LIFX produce great smart bulbs and the GU10 version continues this trend. When redecorating it was time to add some smarts to my room and many nice looking ceiling lights only take GU10 bulbs.

As you normally need a couple of these for most GU10 fittings you buy the LIFX GU10s in a pack of 2. These aren’t cheap, even if you get them when they’re on sale (normally in the usual sales periods such as black friday), so unless you’ve money to burn it’s unlikely you’ll fit out a heavily spotlighted room with them.

Installation is very easy, plug it in like a normal light bulb and fire up the LIFX app. Unlike other smart bulb solutions there isn’t an extra hub, all the WiFi smarts are in the bulbs.

The app gets your bulbs connected to your network and also allows you to control them, changing brightness, colour, setting schedules (very handy if you’re on holiday) or hooking your account up to other smart devices.

That last feature is really handy, it means you can link your lights to Amazon Alexa, Google Home or the Nest Protect smoke alarm, getting the lights to flash if a problem is detected.

One thing to note about setup, make sure you disable any VPN software you have running as this can cause connection problems, disrupt the setup procedure and generally be very frustrating until you figure out the problem it’s causing.

If you’ve already got LIFX bulbs, as I have, you can get them all working with each other by creating groups. This is especially useful with the GU10s as you generally want them all behaving as a single bulb rather than, in my case, 4 separate bulbs.

They’re easy to set up, have a great range of options and features and are a brilliant addition to the smart home, the only area to make you think twice will be the price. If it seems too high check again when big sales are on as they usually get discounted, or add them to your Amazon wish list so Amazon notifies you of a price drop.

LIFX products are available from:

Amazon.co.uk: https://amzn.to/2PsdiDd
Amazon.com: https://amzn.to/2L7ky6K
Amazon.ca: https://amzn.to/2rqGr8d
eBay: https://ebay.to/2B3uWrJ

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