Livescribe Wifi Smart Pen Review

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We recently reviewed the Livescribe Smart Pen, a pen which records both your written and spoken notes.  Recognising that not everyone wants to download note by plugging the pen into a computer, Livescribe have developed a version of the smart pen with Wifi built in.  Instead of relying on Livescribe software you now find your notes automatically added to an Evernote account.

The Livescribe wifi smart pen was very simple to setup, with instructions provided from the included literature, on the pen itself and via an online setup guide.  Overall it was a quick and easy process and the pen was linked to Evernote in a matter of minutes.

Previously you had to wait until you plugged the smart pen into a PC before you could access notes.  With the wifi smart pen once you finish your note taking it will synchronize as soon as it’s on a recognised wifi network.  Synchronization takes place at an impressively fast speed, the notes were available to view via Evernote within a minute of stopping recording.  You get extra Evernote space included with the pen, just keep in mind that if you use this a lot you might need to start spending more to increase the amount of storage space you need.

Wifi Pen syncDisappointingly the annoying pen cap design hasn’t been addressed, it’s tricky to use and has no where to place it once removed, meaning it’ll be easily lost. As this isn’t a traditional pen design there isn’t a way to keep the pad and the pen together, where normally I’d hook a pen onto a pad with the smartpen this wasn’t possible.  There is also still a quality issue with the central band, as with the previous version this band is noticeable when you run a finger along the pen and stops this feeling like a quality pen.

It’s an interesting decision to switch completely to Evernote as theprevious Livescribe desktop software was very good. Those who want to rename their notes will be frustrated to find this isn’t possible via the Evernote web interface, but is possible via the app. Don’t worry about missing out on the ability to play back your notes, although this isn’t a feature of Evernote all you need to do is click on the note to be taken to a Livescribe online player which gives you the ability to click on different parts of the notes to listen to what was recorded at the time.

Overall though this is a very useful tool, easily recording an hour long meeting with over 75% battery charge remaining.  Those who use the Livescribe desktop software maybe a little disappointed there is no option to use both Evernote and the existing software, and it’s also a pity some of the design issues haven’t been address, but the instant syncing over wifi is a brilliant feature you’ll find hard to give up.

Available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/10EaVEA

Moleskine Livescribe Notebook #2

£24.70  in stock
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as of 23/11/2020 12:51 am


  • Moleskine Livescribe #1 and #2 notebooks work with all Livescribe Smartpen
  • Dimensions: 13 x 21 cm.
  • Bookmark with instructions for use of Smartpen Livescribe commands

Livescribe Symphony Smartpen Bluetooth Digital Pen – Compatible with iOS, Android, Smartphones, Tablets (Latest Version), APX-00040

£109.99  in stock
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as of 23/11/2020 12:51 am


  • Capture everything you hear, write, and draw on Livescribe paper directly to your smartphone, tablet, or computer – allowing you the ease of writing on paper with the mobility of having a digital copy.
  • Simultaneously record audio while writing with the Livescribe+ app to add voice to your school or meeting notes. Tap anywhere on your notes to play back audio from that exact moment in time, as many times as you need to hear it.
  • Convert your handwriting into text and make your handwritten notes searchable with the Livescribe+ app, which currently recognizes up to 28 languages. Students can share handwritten notes or assignments directly from paper with friends or teachers. Professionals can share ideas and collaborate with colleagues or clients.
  • Access notes from mobile (iOS/ Android) or desktop (Windows/ macOS), share as text, PDF, image, or Word doc, or automatically sync them with the cloud (Dropbox / Google Drive / MS OneNote / Evernote). Perfect for storing your Zoom call notes in the cloud for easy access and recall.
  • Perfect for Teachers: Use pencasts to create lessons for your students. Use the Symphony like writing on a chalkboard.

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen, Black

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as of 23/11/2020 12:51 am


  • Record everything you hear, say and write, while linking your audio recordings to your notes so you'll never miss a word
  • Replay your meetings or lectures directly from paper by tapping on your notes
  • Saves notes and audio recordings to your computer
  • Comes with Echo Desktop software for Mac or Windows (download), Starter Notebook (50 pages), 2 ink cartridges (one in the pen and one in the box) & 1 smartpen cap
  • Mac System Requirements- Mac OS X 10.8.5 and above. Windows System Requirements-Windows 7 or Windows 8 and above. Micro USB cable for charging and data transfer

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