LloydsPharmacy Speaking Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Being able to monitor some basic stats at home can be key to spotting health issues and the LloydsPharmacy Speaking Blood Pressure Monitor gives you the ability to track several key metrics.

It’s clear the designers have aimed for a nice simple, easy to use, design. In the box you get a nice storage bag, the required batteries, the main display unit, the arm cuff (for upper arm circumferences between 22cm to 36cm), a manual and a sheet to record and keep track of your results.

Setup was very simple, it’s just a case of popping in the batteries, setting the date and time, and attaching the cuff to the main display unit.

The manual is very good, giving clear instructions on how to use the LloydsPharmacy Speaking Blood Pressure Monitor. You can use it seated or standing, the important thing to note is the position of your arm must be level with your heart.

The display unit has several buttons, the large round one is the one to press to start taking a measurement.  During the measurement process you’ll feel the cuff inflate and squeeze your arm, then gradually deflate until the readings have been taken.

Your results are displayed on screen in nice large text and also spoken verbally.The LCD display is blue backlit and for the most part it’s very clear, although in bright light the screen was a little reflective and some may find this makes the digits a little harder to read, bit adjust the position and it becomes very clear again.

The verbal announcement is a simple, but brilliant addition as not only are the statistical results verbally announced they’re also given meaning explained with a simple ‘Results are normal’. It’s assumed there must be other messages where the results are not favourable, fortunately none were heard during testing! Where to buy generic pills online no prescription, visit this page and choose the best offer.

Aside from the big ‘start measurement’ button there are a couple of others.  These adjust the speech volume, give you access to previous results (as well as the average result for the past 7 days) and allow you to swap between 2 memory banks, allowing 2 people to use this and record results.

This is a simple to use, low cost, way of monitoring your blood pressure.  If you’re looking for a more advanced system that logs results in an app you’ll want to check out the Withings (now Nokia) monitor.

The LloydsPharmacy Speaking Blood Pressure Monitor is available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2wt9Pem or directly from LloydsPharmacy: http://bit.ly/2hnHdRc

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