MAISI M60 in Car Dashcamera Review

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The MAISI M60 dash camera is a budget camera to mount in your vehicle.

It’s a bit of a bulky units compared to some dash cameras such as the Vantrue N1, but this is due to the 2.4″ colour display which is useful for getting the camera setup and for reviewing footage without needing to take the camera out of the car.

There are chunky control buttons under the screen to allow you to navigate the menu, there are lots of options beyond setting the date and time and so you’ll want to spend a bit of time investigating them all.  Out of the box the only setting you should do right away is the date/time.

Along with the camera you get a USB lead as well as an in car power lead and suction mount, but no microSD card.

The suction mount does a good job of keeping this stuck to your windscreen, however while it’s designed to be quick release so you can take the camera out when parked it’s actually very stiff in use, maybe it’ll ease up in time, but out of the box it wasn’t an easy to use release mechanism.

The in car charger takes up the car power socket, unlike other cameras it doesn’t also provide a USB port and means if you just have a single car power socket you can’t use it with anything else.

The camera gives a decent wide angle view, capturing footage from across multiple lanes of traffic.  At the time of review it’s dark most of the time and you’ll see in the review video below you still get a decent picture even in the dark.

It’s an OK dash camera which, a year ago, would’ve offered very good value for money.  However the competition has stepped up it’s game and for a similar price there are better options available that offer some additional features and better construction, such as the Vantrue N1.

The MAISI M60 is available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2ikm6vc

 MAISI M60 in Car Dashcamera Video Review


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