Matrem PT-55 Aluminum Tripod Review

The Matrem PT-55 Aluminum Tripod is a low cost bit of camera kit.

It comes with a nice carry case with shoulder strap should you decide to take this on an adventure.  According to the manufacturer the tripod is made from ‘aluminum alloy and eco-friendly ABS plastic’ and it certainly feels nice and light when carrying it around.

You’ll see the orange version in the review video below, this is also available in gold or black.

As you’d expect from a modern tripod, there is a quick release plate on the top, extendable legs (18″ to 55″) and a weight hook on the bottom.

Mactrem PT55 Tripod Features

The feet are adjustable and make this easy to use on different types of terrain, it doesn’t rely on you using this on a flat surface.

The tripod head has a good range of movement and allows the camera quick release plate to be pivoted from a horizontal position to a vertical one.

The central column height can be easily adjusted and locked in place, and with a bit of practice you can get fairly smooth camera movement up/down/left/right.

There is no carry handle on the main body of the tripod, an odd omission and the first time I’ve seen it missing.

Overall the PT-55 is a decent tripod, but more of a second tripod than a main tripod, it get’s outshined by the recently reviewed Zecti 70 Inch Travel Tripod and Monopod which is a similar price but offers more features.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2n1kjgy and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2mFUDtQ

Matrem PT-55 Aluminum Tripod Video Review


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