MEGACRA S11 PRO 2.0 Channels 60W Sound Bar Review

The MEGACRA S11 sound bar offers a good improvement over your inbuilt TV speakers.

In the box you get the S11 sound bar, a wall mounting template, a box of bits for wall mounting, remote control, and the cables required to hook this up to your TV via either an optical out or headphone out socket.

The sound bar itself is a nice looking bit of kit, it’s the right size to sit under a 42″ TV without looking out of place and it has controls on one end of the speaker. Around the back is an array of ports which interestingly include a USB port for music file playback.

The remote is an ugly little thing, but it get’s the job done. It allows you to swap between the different input sources, control music playback and pop it into standby, or out of standby if the speaker has automatically turned itself off when not in use.

MEGACRA S11 back

The speaker also features Bluetooth allowing you to play music to it directly from your mobile.

Setup was very easy, just connect your TV and power up the speaker. You may need to change the speaker mode, at first no sound was coming out until I realised I had to change the mode.

Sound quality is good and offers an improvement over the tinny speakers you usually get in TVs. The volume is easily loud enough to fill a room and you get decent stereo.

The bass is OK, again it’s a big improvement over TV speakers but it can’t compete with a dedicated subwoofer.

The different sound modes do change how the speaker sounds, I found the 3D mode sounded good, but sometimes made voices have a bit of an echo so tend to use the other modes.

For those wanting to improve their TV sound quality without the cost and additional wires of a surround sound system a sound bar makes a lot of sense. It sits well under the TV, can be wall mounted, and offers a noticeable improvement to the tinny sound you tend to get from TV speakers.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2b3sY0o and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2bjdCDW

MEGACRA S11 PRO 2.0 Channels 60W Sound Bar Video Review

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