Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Mini bluetooth speakerThe Mini Bluetooth speaker is impressively loud for the low price tag.  However the low price tag does mean you’ll be missing a few features.

However, before talking about what’s missing let’s cover what you get with the Mini Bluetooth speaker for under £20.  In the box you get a USB charging cable, aux wire to plug in devices directly, a none slip mat (which I’ve not had to use as the base isn’t slippy), the instructions and of course the Mini Bluetooth speaker itself.

The Mini Bluetooth speaker is actually a really nice looking little unit, with a premium gunmetal finish and very little to distract from the overall style.  The base has an on/off switch, USB plug for charging, aux input, microphone, multi-function button and a small LED.  Sounds like a lot but in practice you hardly notice any of it.

Setup is very easy, just switch the speaker on, hold down the multi-function button to pop the speaker into pair mode, scan for devices on your mobile (or tablet/laptop) and pair with the Mini Bluetooth speaker.  As soon as it’s paired it’s ready to be used!

You’ll seen in the below video I pump the volume up to the max and I was pleased there wasn’t the expected distortion of sound at such a high volume. Note that in the video it sounds like the speaker is hissing at high volume, that’s my camcorder struggling to record the high volume and not distortion from the speaker.

The Mini Bluetooth speaker is easily able to fill a room with music and would be perfectly suitable for someone looking for a low cost speaker providing they’re happy to sacrifice the depth of sound you’d get from having more bass. However, given the low cost the sound quality is much better than you’d first expect out of such a tiny unit, making this the perfect little speaker to carry around with you for use on holiday, outdoors, at a mates etc.

Being bluetooth the Mini Bluetooth speaker also allows you to answer or decline calls if paired with a phone.  As you’re phone is likely to be near the speaker it’s likely you won’t use this feature too much.  Why will your phone be nearby you ask, well the Mini Bluetooth speaker is missing one key feature: there is no way to adjust the volume on the speaker itself, nor can you skip tracks.  Not a deal breaker given the low cost, but something worth keeping in mind if you think you’ll want to be able to skip tracks on the speaker rather than by unlocking your mobile.

Overall for under £20 this is a really nice little speaker that has a quality finish to it.  Available now from Amazon: http://goo.gl/rx52Lb

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  • Deep powerful bass with crisp balanced sound, great for all types of music - unbelievable for its size
  • Pop it in your pocket and take the party with you wherever you plan to go, all within a perfect tube (84mm x 53mm)
  • Designed and built in Bristol, United Kingdom, hand built by a passionate team of music enthusiasts from DJs to bass guitar players

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