Missinglettr Review – Set your social marketing to autopilot


$7.50 p/month (3 months) $15 p/m

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Missinglettr Review – Set your social marketing to autopilot
Missinglettr Review – Set your social marketing to autopilot
$7.50 p/month (3 months) $15 p/m
Very easy to use
Automation generates 12 months of social marketing
Posts can be highly customised
Time saver
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Missinglettr is a very useful software service you’ll use all the time without logging in, I’m using it right now as I type this review!

If you clicked on a Facebook or Twitter link to read this review then it’s done its job as Missinglettr creates social posts. Simply put it’s a time-saving tool that helps you drive traffic to your website by automatically creating social media links based on your content which are published to your social media accounts over time.

Think of Missinglettr like your own little marketing team, it sits in the background monitoring your website RSS feed and when a new article is detected, Missinglettr takes that article and gets to work automatically reading the blog and preparing social media content for you to review.

You don’t even need to log in to the site to see all this happening, it’s completely automated and you’ll receive an email when a new social campaign is ready for review, making it really easy to learn how to use.

A quick tip on using missinglettr with customer post RSS feeds

If your website is like this site you won’t want to use the standard RSS feed as that can pull through a lot of content you don’t want Missinglettr to show, in my case discount codes.

It is worth setting this up correctly to make the most of the automation, in order to only fetch my WordPress custom post type of ‘blog’ I used the following RSS link:


That last section tells Missinglettr which post type to monitor, it won’t generate a campaign for any other post types and only shows articles featured in this post type.

Review Marketing Campaign

Once ready you’ll be notified by email that there are new suggestions to review via the dashboard.

Missinglettr pending campaigns screen.

What appealed to me about Missinglettr is that it doesn’t just generate and share your link once, it generates and schedules a series of social posts that can last up to 12 months, that’s a year of automated social marketing to promote your website!

If you prefer you can regenerate based on a shorter length of time, creating a more intense drip of activity as needed.

The next step is the one area I think needs improvement: selecting hashtags you would like to include. What needs improvement? There is a hashtag popularity rating of 0 – 5, but I only ever see it report either 0 or 5, never anything in between which seems to be missing the mark.

Missinglettr creates hashtag suggestions and these suggestions can be a little hit and miss so it’s a good idea to check them out, remove the ones you don’t want and add any you this will help with promotion.

Tweaking automated content to be the best it can be

The main user input required is on the review page where you’ll check, edit, and approve which social networks you want to send this to and confirm each post for each network. At the time of review, it can post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You get a lot of flexibility in this section, a network can be turned off for all or just some posts. Management of this is simply a click of a button, giving you flexibility on where Missinglettr creates your marketing messages.

Missinglettr social networks.

As you scroll down the page you’ll approve each part of the sequence and see which day each goes live. At this stage, it doesn’t say which date as you’ve not said when this will run, instead giving you day 0 – 365.

If posting to Facebook you’ll have to manually copy/paste the selected post text due to Facebook’s rules regarding automate. Credit to the clever people at the company, they’ve made this bit of admin as painless as possible by giving you an easy copy/paste function.

Example missinglettr suggested post.

I really like that each individual post in the campaign can have different text and imagery attached to it when published. It will pull images from your website to use, or you can add a quote from the article in a speech bubble. All of this is filled automatically, but is easy to edit in you’re looking to put your own spin on things.

missinglettr post with a speech bubble image.

It’s worth noting you can choose from different styles of quote bubble and they can even be fully branded with a backdrop photo.

Started your automated engines running!

Once your review is completed and approved, select when you’d like the blogging campaign to go live and if you’ve like to boost the article by re-publishing on Medium.

missinglettr review campaign screen

Until I started using Missinglettr I’d never heard of Medium, it was easy to set up and it helps expose you to a wider audience so I always turn this on before activating the campaign.

If you regularly publish blog posts this can give you a lot of reusable content which you can keep track of in the Scheduled content section.

Screenshot of the missinglettre scheduled content calendar.

Multi-account Missinglettr

I use this website with a couple of different blogs and the only thing it can’t (currently) do is repost to two different Medium accounts. Hopefully, that gets resolved in the long run.

They’re very open about the long term developments and updates, publishing a public roadmap online to see what is under review, planned, started and completed.


The site recently added advanced analytics, at the time of review this was still in beta. It’s a great place to gain insights into how well you’re doing as well as which social source best.

As you can probably tell, I feel very positive about the use of this feature-packed platform. I’m not much for arranging social media posts, it automates this and turns what was once a dull chore into something I can do in less than 5 minutes.

Missinglettr is a brilliantly simple to use service that is ideal for bloggers of any size. It’s a real time-saver, taking just a few clicks to efficiently create a week, monthly or 12-month campaigns to help drive traffic to your blog.

Missinglettr Pricing and Special Offer

Prices start at just $15 a month, with a 30-day free trial. That’s perfect for most small bloggers, it allows you to connect a single content source and schedule up to 1000 posts.

For those of you with multiple websites, you can jump up to the business plan at $48 per month, or agency plan at $147 a month, both with 30 day free trials.

Interested? Then I’ve got a special offer for you to reduce the cost of this online software!

Follow this link for 50% off any plan for 3 months: https://lttr.ai/J5rR

9.5 Total Score
Awesome automation

Genuinely useful service that automatically checks for your new blog posts and then generates a full 12-month social marketing campaign

  • Very easy to use
  • Automation generates 12 months of social marketing
  • Posts can be highly customised
  • Time saver
  • Can only republish to a single Medium account
  • Hashtag popularity score doesn't seem useful
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