MJX X101C Quadcopter with camera review

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The MJX X101C Quadcopter offers an interesting quadcopter package.  It’s a good size and comes with a camera unit, allowing you to see and record from the drones point of view.

It comes in kit format and takes a bit of time to assemble.  You get screws and a small screwdriver, all you need is a bit of time and patients (some of the screws are fiddly to get in), but like the successful completing of Ikea furniture construction this process was rather satisfying.

The X101C is a very plastic quadcopter and that’s a good thing considering how many times it’s crashed!  Each of the 4 blades have a guard around the outer edge of the blade, unlike other quadcopters this guard doesn’t completely cover them.

There is an undercarriage that holds a removable battery and is also where the 1MP 720p camera is attached.  The battery powers both the X101C and the camera, which can be manually moved to point up or down.  Battery life has proven to be very good, easily getting 20 minutes of attempting to fly without running out of power, and generally us stopping flying rather than being stopped by the battery itself.

MJX X101C QuadcopterThe manual goes into great detail about the controls and various functions, if you’re new to the world of quadcopters it can be a little confusing and baffling at times.  It’s easy enough to get started and attempt to fly the X101C, but it’s tricky to master!

Getting it hovering just where you want it, correcting for any drift, and trying to get a steady video shot make are just some examples of the challenging fun had with this.

The remote is chunky and a little confusing with all the switches, fortunately the main ones are simple to use to get started.  It’s worth revisiting the manual after the first few test flights to better understand what all the features and options on offer do, for example there is a ‘headless mode’ that makes it easier to control by making the actual nose direction irrelevant, direction will be based on your transmitter so you don’t need to think about which way your need to press the controller (e.g. if it’s facing you pressing forwards brings it towards you, rights makes it go left, which is very confusing for a new flyer).

A nice touch is the included adapter that allows you to mount your mobile.  The mobile app shows you camera footage in real time and allows you to take photos and videos which are stored on the camera. Interestingly because the camera generates it’s own WiFi network it means you can have more than one mobile connected at once.

The app also allows the screen to be split into 2, meaning you can pop your mobile into a VR headset and go for a ride in the X101C.  To try this while flying is rather tricky for a novice, but it makes for an interesting option for anyone with you, they can be a passenger on your flight!

Controlling the X101C is easier than the cheap little stocking filler drones, but it’s likely that a far more expensive quadcopter would be far easier with onboard stabilization and other such tech.  One area of frustration was the bobbing motion, it would rise up, then, without reducing the power, drop back down.  This did mean an rather unfortunate incident with a tree occurred as it dropped down and got a bit caught up!

For those new to this there is one stand out feature to impress any onlookers with: a one button loop function!  Get good height, press the button and it’s do a full 360 degree roll which looks very impressive.

There is a lot of fun to be had with the MJX X101C quadcopter and it’s camera, it’ll take some practice but fortunately it’s very forgiving and has managed to survive all the crashes so far.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1W2o6W2 and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/1SWvGSL

**UPDATE: April 2016**
After being initially impressed with this I was getting some much needed practice in when after a small bump it stopped working. I was surprised at this as it didn’t seem to be an especially bad bump. The lights are all on, the remote is connected, but the blades just don’t spin.

I’ve been in contact with the manufacturer who has offered little support to resolve this. I’ve also been testing some other drones recently that cost less and are much easier to control, what I thought to be inexperience in controlling this turns out, in part, to be that this drone just isn’t that easy to control compared to others. I’ve left my original review below.

SNAPTAIN A10 Mini Foldable Drone with 720P HD Camera FPV WiFi RC Quadcopter w/Voice Control, Gesture Control, Trajectory Flight, Circle Fly, High-Speed Rotation, 3D Flips, G-Sensor, Headless Mode

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  • Advance Features: Tap Fly is the latest technology that allows you to easily draw a flight route and let the drone fly according to the path. In addition, the drone can automatically capture selfie by Gesture & Voice control.
  • User Friendly: The altitude hold maintain the drone at a certain height, sable flight makes this a perfect drone for beginners; With just one button, it will take off/land or return home. Smart low battery alarm and the one key return prevents the drone from any unexpected lost.
  • Longer Flight Time: Equipped with 2 powerful batteries, the flight time can reach up to 34 Mins, modular design make it easier and safer to charge. Great toy gift for grown-up friends or kids.
  • Foldable and Portable: Foldable arms design makes the drone compact and portable, carrying case included makes it convenient to carry while traveling.

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  • ✈ 1080 HD Camera with Image Stabilization ✈ 1080 HD Camera including 90°adjustable angle, which captures high-quality video and clear aerial photos. you can see what your drone sees from smartphone, enjoy a live video feed up from 100m away with FPV transmission.
  • ✈ Foldable and Easy to Carry ✈ The drone provides perfect solution for indoor and outdoor flying, foldable and lightweight makes it exceptionally easy to carry; come with 2 batteries provide up to 40 mins flight.
  • ✈ Fun Intelligent Flight ✈ The drone is equipped with FOLLOW ME,CIRCEL FLY and TAP FLY.It is able to follow you automatically;fly in circle around an object;or fly along with the path you set. Those features free your hands and make it much easier to get professional images and selfie.
  • ✈ Multiple Flight Modes & Double Flight Time ✈ Altitude Hold Mode, 3D Flips, gravity sensor mode, headless mode, one key start/landing/return, emergence stop and 3 speed mode adjustment, 2 modular batteries can support longer flight time for you and your family, which makes your flight more exciting and interesting.
  • ✈ TOYS FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR ✈ Not only a flying toys for your kids and his/her friends but also a communicative link between you and children. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. A great gift for kids birthday or Christmas.und an object;or fly along with the path you set. Those features free your hands and make it much easier to get professional images and selfie.


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