Muson MC1 Action Camera Review

The Muson MC1 is yet another low cost GoPro alternative, but is it any good?

For the low price you get a lot with it, not only do you get the MC1 camera, you also get a wide range of accessories as well as a travel case to keep everything in.

To keep you filming on the go a spare battery has also been included.  Batteries can be charged either in the camera or using the included battery charger.

The accessories consist of a variety of plastic adaptors, as with other low cost cameras reviewed the MC1 also includes a manual to show you different combinations for different situations (e.g. attaching to a helmet).

Muson MC1 Action Camera

A waterproof protective case is included, fine for getting footage only but obviously the case prevents the camera from hearing anything so you’ll just get muffled sound.

The camera includes several different modes, video recording, photo shooting and time-lapse photography.

Unfortunately the time-lapse mode only takes the photos, it doesn’t actually create a time-lapse movie, you’re left to sort that out yourself and that makes it rather a chore compared to other cameras with this feature that output a motion file.

Photo and video quality is just OK, check out the video review below for actual footage.  Compared to footage shot using the front facing camera of a OnePlus 3T the MC1 footage seems dark, but its usable and sound quality is OK.

This is meant to have the ability to connect via WiFi however this feature just wouldn’t work.  The correct app was downloaded and it appeared to connect to the camera WiFi OK, but when it came to accessing the camera an error message was shown.

Despite these issues it’s worth keeping in mind the MC1 is a very low cost camera.  If you’re looking to experiment with a GoPro like action camera but don’t want to spend GoPro like money this could be a great option to get started with before graduating to a better quality action camera, better yet Muson have provide a special 25% off code to tempt you into overlooking the MC1s shortcomings.

The MC1 is available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2se9T3Y  25% OFF with “VFAC9OAP”

Muson MC1 Action Camera Video Review


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