Nemesis KATA Gaming Mouse Review

The Nemesis KATA Gaming Mouse is a low cost way to add a little light to your PC setup.

The body of the Nemesis KATA mouse is black, but running down either side are a coloured strip that lights up.

As well as the usual left/right and middle mouse buttons there are two additional buttons on the left hand side of the mouse (used for things like forward/backward when browsing the internet) and a button on top for changing the DPI.  Interestingly the middle scroll wheel button was flat rather than the traditional rounded approach and although it felt unusual at first it’s a wonder more mice don’t feature such a design.

Initially the Nemesis KATA felt too light, but this can be adjusted by replacing the onboard weights. There are three to choose from, 6g 12g or 18g allowing you to find your own personal preference.

Sumvision Nemesis KATA Gaming MouseAs well as adjusting the mouse weight you can also adjust the DPI, very handy if you want to up the response time in FPS games and then slow it down when on the desktop. As mentioned this is done via a button on the top of the mouse and when the DPI is changed the light colour at the back bottom of the mouse also changes.

This is handy in the dark if you want to ensure you’ve the DPI setting selected you want, and the two light strips make it easy to locate should you take your hand away.

The mouse works right out of the box without any need to download software. Additional software is available and that allows you to customise the mouse settings further with profiles, allowing you to reassign mouse button functions, for example you might want one of the buttons to double click when you press it.

The Nemesis KATA feels well built and gives you lots of customisation options for the same price as a bog standard no frills mouse.

Available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1MZaKqJ

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