Nokia C2-01 Review

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Nokia C2-01The Nokia C2-01 is a classic Nokia handset at the budget end of the market.  Designed for those who want a simple phone to talk and text with some internet ability the easy to use keypad make this a perfect second phone for when you want to leave your £400+ handset somewhere safe.

The Nokia C2-01 is a nice, lightweight device with a comfortable keypad and an easy to use operating system.  Like many of the budget end Nokia devices the operating system will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a Nokia device in the last 10 years, but don’t let the low price put you off, this is an elegant little handset with a decent screen.

The simple home screen provides quick access to the most useful features such as email, messaging, camera and Facebook.  The keypad has a nice feel to it and the buttons are a good size for such a compact handset, it’s very easy to type at speed.

Currently retailing for around £59 on Amazon you get a lot for your money.  The handset comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera, is 3G for quick internet access and has support for up to 16GB of memory via a microSD card.

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At this price point there are limitations; there is no Wi-Fi, no GPS, no dedicated volume rocker (it’s adjusted in app) and the screen feels rather small compared to more modern handsets.  The operating system does the job well, but is feeling dating now and it might be worth taking a look at a spending a little more to gain an Android handset such as the Huawei Blaze.

Having said that if you can live without hundreds of apps and just want a solid, well built, handset to talk and text you can’t go wrong with the Nokia C2-01.


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  • Nokia C2-01

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