Panda Pillow Review

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The Panda Pillow isn’t, fortunately, made out of Panda.  Instead it’s made up of three layers of visco memory foam.

It comes in a simple cardboard box and has a simple design.  The pillow is white with the company logo in the top left corner of the pillow.  You won’t even see that when you pop a pillow case on it.

If you’re using a more traditional pillow you might find the Panda Pillow feels rather different.  It’s a little bit like a sponge in texture, with the right amount of give when you press into it to be supportive without being to firm or too soft.

One of the big benefits to this pillow is that is it hypoallergenic and antibacterial, resisting mould, fungi, mildew and dust mites, making this a good option for those with sensitive skin or who have suffered from dust mites.

As everyone sleeps in a different position the Panda Pillow has been designed to help keep you’re head and neck well supported regardless of being on your front, back or side.  This is what they say about the different positions:

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If you have a painful or stiff neck when you wake up in the morning, the Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow could make you love mornings again.

  • For side sleepers, the Panda Pillow helps to fill the space between your head and shoulder, helping to prevent stiff neck pain in the morning.
  • If you’re a back sleeper, having too many pillows is not a great idea. If your chin rests on your chest try reducing your pillow height. The Panda Pillow eliminates the need for additional pillows due to its design.
  • Whether you’re a side, back or front sleeper, the Panda Pillow helps to keep your neck straight and supported throughout the night.


Neck pain isn’t something this reviewer has ever suffered from, probably due to using the very similar Eve Pillow before trying the Panda Pillow.  Having swapped between the two aside from a small (as in milometers) height difference there isn’t much to separate the two in terms of the feel and overall comfort.

One thing both claims is that they’re better at keeping you cool.  While this is generally true the Panda Pillow did struggle during a summer heatwave and there was still a need to flip it over to take advantage of the cooler side.

There is a big difference between the Panda Pillow and a traditional soft pillow.  With traditional pillows you sink in a lot, with the Panda Pillow while you sink in a little it’s a much firmer, supportive, pillow.

There’s a lot to like about the Panda Pillow, it’s comfortable, hygienic, and has one of the cutest logo’s we’ve ever seen.

The Panda Pillow is available from Amazon.co.uk: https://amzn.to/2np4DpF

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