PhotoFast CR8800 Review

The PhotoFast CR8800 is a small dongle that allows you to use microSD cards with your iPhone or iPad, and in the below review video you’ll see it working with an iPad Air and iPhone 6.

You’ll need to download a dedicated app to access the files on the memory card. It’s a very easy to use app that has been designed to work with a number of other services, such as Google Drive, as long as you provide your credentials and authorise the app to access your account.

The app can be used as a media player for your own video/music (either on the iDevice or on the memory card), but as you’ll see in the review video the app isn’t authorised to play iTunes content.

PhotoFast CR8800

Copying files was very easy and means you can quickly move files between devices without having to wait for any cloud backup services to upload files.

I can see this also being handy at work if you have a large number of files you need to take with you but don’t want to clog up your iPad.

It’s highly portable and not something that would stay plugged into your device and so I’d have preferred the design to have included some method of protecting the lighting connector from damage, as it is it stays exposed to the elements.

Handy little gadget that gives you additional options on storage.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1U7TMgj and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/1U7Ueeu

PhotoFast CR8800 Video Review


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