Polaroid Cube Camera Review

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The Polaroid Cube elicits a reaction I didn’t think possible from a camera…people go ‘aww that’s cute!’ when you show them.  And they’re not wrong!  At just 3cm x 3cm x 3cm it initially it’s a dinky little device, and looks like something you’d find in the Portal universe.

Available in a range of colours, the Polaroid Cube packs a camera capable of either 720p or 1080p video via a 124-degree wide angle lens.  It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 minutes per charge and round the back you have a USB port for charging, a switch to select camera resolution and a micro SD card slot.  On the top is a multi function button that’s used to turn the Cube on/off, take a photo (by pressing once) or start/stop video recording (press twice to record, once to stop).

Given the tiny size it’s no surprise there is no screen or viewfinder, this is shoot by eye and hope for the best, although the wide angle lens means the Cube captures a lot more than you’d think and it’s hard not to capture the moment just by pointing the Cube in the general direction of the action.  There is a plastic stand that has a a metal plate included which is useful to keep hold of if you want to do some basic fixed position filming and want to raise the Cubes height.

Polaroid Cube BackOn the bottom Polaroid have added a strong magnet and this can be used with any suitable metal surface, in doing so then the camera faces to the side, rather than directly forward, brilliant if you’re doing action filming, for example on a skateboard.

Aside from the charging cable you don’t get any mounts, so consider what you want to use this for when purchasing as it’s likely you’ll need at least one of the available accessories to make real use of the Cube (in the video you’ll see the tripod mount in use).

Polaroid have added software directly on to the Cube that allows you to change it’s settings, for example setting the date/time or adjusting the buzzer volume.

Photos are fairly good, the wide angle lens limits how you might use this and it’s unlikely you’ll swap your dedicated camera or mobile for the Cube, but it’s a nice feature if you want to take a quick snap.

CUBE Photo 4 CUBE Photo 3 CUBE Photo 2 CUBE Photo 1






Video quality is very good. You’ll see in the video below the Cube had no problem with the bumps and vibrations caused by being attached to a rake being dragged over the ground, lower cost cameras would’ve struggled not to distort or bounce the video around.

When you’re ready to review photos or videos the files are accessible via USB (cable included).  Rather than all files being stored in the same directory photos and videos are stored separately making it easy to find what you’re after.

The Polaroid Cube is a great little camera, one you can just carry around with you and not even realise you’ve got it due to it’s tiny size, but one it’s tricky to figure out who might use it.  Those interested in recording sports are likely to go for a certain other well known brand, those into general filming will want a proper full fat camcorder, if it were a lot cheaper it would be the perfect replacement for disposable cameras at weddings, something people can pick up, have a mess about with and then wait and see the results the next day.

The magnetic bottom gives you some options, but really you’ll need to invest in some of the accessories, such as the tripod mount, to really get the most out of this dinky device and that’s a real pity as it means the price immediately increases.

However, for those looking for a tiny, ultra portable, camera that opens up new camera angles due to it’s tiny size will find the Polariod Cube quick and easy to use.

Available now on Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/1zMVB40 and Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1y00c2K

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