RAGU E05 Mini Android Projector Review

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The Ragu E05 is a novel take on the common Android box, rather than being a unit you plug into your TV it has an inbuilt projector, meaning no TV is required!

This functionality means this has a premium price tag, but this also means it’s better presented than most Android boxes.

The E05 comes nicely presented in a travel case and within the case you get the Android box, remote control, a mini tripod, USB power lead and charger.

The mini tripod is OK, but feels a little cheap and can actually be rather annoying in use compared to proper mini tripods such as the Manfrotto Mini Tripod.

It’s a similar story with the remote control, it’s OK but isn’t as good as other mini remotes such as the DroidBox VIP remote which is an airmouse and has a keyboard on the back, all in a similar design to the XXXs included remote.

The main Android box is a really nice compact design, impressive considering many Android TV boxes are much larger and don’t include a projector. While this makes it very portable it does mean there are some trade offs, you get two USB ports, an aux out (for headphones or speakers) but no Ethernet, HDMI in or HDMI out so you can only use this with the projector and can’t connect it to a TV.

It does have WiFi built in and as there isn’t an external antenna the box retains its compact form.

Ragu E05

Fire up the Ragu E05 and you get a nice, big, simple to use interface projected onto your wall.  Be warned, this isn’t a very strong projector, so while it’s fine in the dark it’s very washed out and difficult to see the image in daylight.

Assuming you’re in the dark the picture quality is surprisingly good for such a small device, you could easily use this to watch a film. The projector does have inbuilt speakers but it can also be a little on the noisy side so it’s best used along with a set of headphones or external speakers.

With this being an Android box you can install any number of apps, but to get you up and running are the basics plus Kodi to give you media management and playback. The included remote works OK until you need to enter text, at which point you’ll miss the lack of a keyboard on the remote.

Games run fairly well, as you’ll see in the video below Asphalt8 was a little jerky to start off with but smoothed out once it got going.  It’s great to see the game projected and as long as you do so in a darkened room it’s a lot of fun to play with the game image being so large.

This is a very specific product that isn’t for everyone.  It’s very expensive compared to a standard, good quality, Android box that could be plugged into a separate projector, but it’s also a far more compact and elegant solution that you can easily slip into a bag or case on your travels.

The Ragu E05 mini Android projector is available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2jA7BoB and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2iWi4bQ

RAGU E05 Mini Android Projector Video Review

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