Samsung Prezio NQ50H5537KB Built In Combination Microwave Oven Review

The Samsung Prezio NQ50H5537KB Built In Combination Microwave Oven is a sexy looking unit that has a clean, simple, finish to it.

There are no dials sticking out, it’s all touch screen, making this a very easy bit of the kitchen to clean.

Along with main unit you get accessories to assist with cooking, a metal baking tray, a ceramic tray and a steaming pot.

This is smaller than a normal oven but was larger than my previous microwave and it’s not been installed as our main oven, rather this is a microwave that can provide additional oven capacity when cooking a lot of food.

The touch screen works well but you’ll need the manual to hand to decipher the various features and functions as rather than have the setting clearly labeled, e.g. ‘Frozen Pizza’, you instead get a code that you’ll need to look up in the manual.

For those concerned about children playing with the controls there is a simple to activate child lock that disables all the controls from accidental use.

Samsung Prezio NQ50H5537KB Dimentions

My previous microwave was 1000w, this new one is 800w but seems to be far more efficient when microwaving, I’ve had to interrupt the recommended microwave time to ensure food wasn’t over cooked.

Although mostly used as a microwave the oven and grill functions add additional flexibility.  I don’t think this would be large enough to cook a lot of food on it’s own, but it is large enough to add additional capacity to an existing oven.

The included steam bowl is a really nice touch, I’ve not got a food steamer as it’s one more thing to clutter up the kitchen, now I won’t need one!

In use I’ve found it to be reasonably quiet, more so than my previous microwave, and when using the oven the front door provides excellent insulation, it gets warm but never dangerously hot.

Given how large Samsung are I was surprised as the quality of the manual, some sections are badly written and others seem to omit key information which is a pity as you’ll need to have a good read through as there are so many features and options it can be tricky to know where to start.

My previous microwave was a pain to clean, it’s nice to see this have a special steam cleaning mode, time will tell if this proves to be very effective.

The Samsung NQ50H5537KB looks fantastic and so far has performed really well, it’s just disappointing that you need to rely on the manual so much when selecting different modes and features.

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