SensorPush Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer Review

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The SensorPush is a really easy to use little sensor for tracking temperature and humidity.

There isn’t much in the box, just the SensorPush and a little sticky pad, I assume useful for fixing this inside a case or on a wall.

Instructions on the back of the box direct you to download the companion app. The app is really simple and easy to use and it presents the collected data in very easy to understand graphs.

Setup was really easy, click add a sensor, hold the SensorPush near your mobile, wait for the pairing process to take place…done!

You’re then ready to set the sensor up in whatever location you might want to track temperature and humidity. The tiny size means this can be placed in a wide variety of locations, for example a room, a cupboard, a box, a case etc.


It collects data right away and holds 20 days worth of data so you don’t need to collect data everyday (handy if this is not somewhere you’ll visit everyday).

Interestingly when this was placed in a fridge my phone could still access and download data even when it was located in a different room, so you don’t necessarily have to retrieve the sensor to retrieve the data.

You can set alerts to flag up an issue when data is collected, for example if the temperature or humidity dropped under your desired amount your mobile will alert you and when looking at the graphs the lines change from green to red to indicate where the sensor detected a problem.

While the alert system works well it can only alert you when you’ve collected data, it can’t alert you in real time as it requires a Bluetooth connection. In the long run if a follow up model could connect to WiFi to log the data online and back into your app (like Netatmo does) this would be a brilliant little sensor that could be fitted and forgotten about.

The app can support multiple sensors, they can be named so it’s easy to see which sensor is where.

A really simple to use product that does exactly what it sets out to.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2bt5fon and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2b8kUvk

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer Review

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android - Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts

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as of 12/12/2019 10:18 am


  • Easy one-time setup: Install our free app (iOS 8+ or Android 4.3+) and hold the sensor against the screen
  • Powerful: Line of sight range of 325 feet keeps you up to date, even on the other side of your home
  • Designed with you in mind: Beautifully designed apps for Apple iOS and Android make monitoring easy
  • Accurate: Swiss-made sensing component provides reliable, accurate measurements
  • Set it and forget it: Pushes readings to devices via Bluetooth and alerts you if there's a problem

Inkbird IBS-TH1 Wireless Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer - Humidity Temperature Recorder Greenhouse Breeding Fermentation Brewing Reptile Home

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as of 12/12/2019 10:18 am


  • ★ Please note that the inner sensor can detect temperature and humidity, but external sensor can only detect temperature. Dimensions: 56mmx17mm, Item Weight: 20g, Temperature Range: -40 ~ 60 ° C (Internal Sensor), Humidity Range: 0 ~ 99% RH; 2m external temperature probe (-40 ~ 100 ° C). Works With: iOS 8+ or Android 4.4+
  • ★ Inkbird IBS-TH1 is a Bluetooth thermometer & hygrometer for temperature and humidity record, it has magnet on the back. Mobile application can read temperature and humidity conditions at any moment within Bluetooth range. The temperature and humidity sensors are a good choice to manage a greenhouse, a nursery, a dressing room, a niche, a reptile terrarium, amphibian incubator, wine cellar, brewing room or others
  • ★ Data record intervals can be set to 10s、30s、1min、2min、5min、10min、30min. Data is collected at one minute interval by default. Wireless Range: 50 meters/164ft
  • ★ The external temperature probe allows you to test the temperature of the liquid and the area where the body can not stay. Within its signal range (50m), you can get the latest high precision measurements data, or download the data as csv. file, can be checked on the computer. You can easily check the current temperature and humidity or history. Check the data of several items in an application, a sensor can be searched with multiple mobile phones.
  • ★ Since the upgradation of SDK(Software Development Kit)to the latest version 26, it is necessary to launch the GPS to tag your position for scanning bluetooth device,which are applicable to the version starting from 23. We promise that we will not collect your information.

SwitchBot Thermometer Hygrometer Alexa iPhone - Android Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor with Alerts

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as of 12/12/2019 10:18 am


  • Set-up in seconds and place it anywhere - Add the Meter to SwitchBot App in seconds. With the 3M magnetic add-on sticker, you can place it anywhere.
  • Always accurate - The Swiss-made sensor monitors the environment reliably and 24/7. Manage the temperature and humidity in the most accurate way.
  • Keep tracks - The Meter maintains the most recent 36 days of data while you are away. With a SwitchBot Hub, unlimited data could be stored on the SwitchBot cloud. You could export all the data you care about.
  • Be promptly alerted - Set a desired condition and relax. The Meter alerts when you are near via Bluetooth. With the SwitchBot Hub, you can be alerted from anywhere through the Internet.
  • Even better with home automation - With the SwitchBot Hub, the Meter works with IFTTT for home automation. For example, turn ON/OFF air conditioner for your desired condition.

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