Suaoki Outdoor Portable Pressure Washer Review

The Suaoki Outdoor Portable Pressure Washer is an interesting product designed for those who enjoy the great outdoors.

The idea of the unit is to give you some additional washing power when out and about, powered by your vehicle.

It comes in several sections, there is the main pressure washer unit with the motor in and there are two bags. One bag holds the hose, power cable and spray adapters, the other holds the collapsable water holder. Given this is meant to be popped in the car it’s surprising it doesn’t come with a single storage solution.

Portable pressure washer

As you’ll see in the review video setup was very easy, once you know what you’re doing it only takes a few minutes to assemble. As the water container is collapsible it can’t hold water for transportation so you’ll need a source of water to fill this up with.

This container just sits on top of the main motor unit. The unit itself has ‘landing legs’ that fold out to support the water container. Rather nicely these can also be used as a handle when carrying the motor.

There are 3 different spray attachments you can use, a shower head, brush head or traditional gun spray. The gun tip can be adjusted to give either a stream of water or more of a mist spray.

It’s got a decent amount of power too it, don’t confuse it with proper full on pressure washers, this isn’t THAT powerful, but it’s perfect for a spot of light cleaning, especially brilliant if you want to give you bike a quick clean before popping it into your nice car.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1sjY3Ba and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/1U7q75a

AUTOPkio Portable Outdoor Shower Folding Bucket Kit, Camping Shower Head Plug into 12V Cigarette Adapter and Turns Water into Steady Gentle Stream

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as of 18/08/2019 8:05 pm


  • PORTABLE CAMPING SHOWER: the unit consists of a powerful shower head on one end and a water pump on the other end with a S-hook, a suction cap, a 3M power cord and a 1.8M hose.
  • USING ANYWHERE ANYTIME: standard plug fits for any 12V car cigar socket, carry this portable camping shower with in your car/van/SUV/Jeep/limo, and use it anywhere anytime.
  • MOUNT ON YOUR VEHICLE: come with S-hook and suction cup to hang the shower, suitable to all indoor and outdoor purpose, quick and convenient.
  • NOTE: The bucket mount must exceed 5cm and the water temperature below 60 degrees celsius (140 degrees fahrenheit).. Rubber rings must be installed on, otherwise it will leak.
  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR USE: take a shower after swimming in the sea, playing on the beach or when go out for camping in nature; Can be used to wash your car, pet or kids during the trip, also for pet bathing outdoor, car washing, washing muddy feet when fishing, surfing, or on the beach, mountain biking and more.

RISEPRO Camping Shower Head Portable Camp Shower Head Built- In 2200 MAH Rechargeable Battery, USB Charging Line,With 1.8 Meters Hose, Water Pump For Hiking, Pet Cleaning,Car Washing Etc.

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  • MULTIPLE USE - You could use it at indoor or outdoor ; Good for Hiking, Camping, BBQ, Travel, Kids Bathing, flowering plants, Doggies, Cats and other Pet's Cleaning, etc. Moreover it has Suction Cup function that you could use it with hand free
  • PERFECT EXPERIENCE -This shower head Water flows at approx.2 litres per minute and up to 5-7 minutes shower time with 10 litres (2.5 gallons) water.
  • EASY TO OPERATE - You could put the shower pump into water and turn on the power and then you could enjoy the best shower
  • MULTIPLE CHARGING METHODS - There are three ways to charge : 1. mobile phone charger; 2.USB output from laptop ; 3.USB output from car; And it works up to 60 minutes at full charge of Continuous Use
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE - It is supplied with mounting accessories that was easily to carry in Luggage, Backpack or Car Trunk.

Signstek Portable Battery-Powered Outdoor Shower Turns Water from Bucket/Basin/Sink into Steady Gentle Stream

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  • Easy operation: to have a great shower, all you need to do is just to turn on the power and put it into water
  • Long time performance: up to 40min/ 80min you will have with performance of built-in battery in the shower
  • Multiple charging way: direct charge from car, home or laptop via common 5V USB charging cable
  • Get clean: inline water-resistant On/Off switch, built-in water filtration system
  • Small & light: mini as it be, it's very easy for you to take around and provide you portable need


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