Sumvision 4 in 1 Nemesis Kane Pro Chaos Pack Review

The Nemesis Chaos pack represents great value for money for those who want to bring up their PC without spending a fortune on peripherals.

The pack contains a mouse mat, mouse, keyboard and a set of headphones with microphone, giving you everything you need to start gaming bar the actual PC itself!

The mouse mat is the largest mouse mat I’ve ever seen, it feels really good quality and it features the image of some sort of Chaos knight heading to war.  While you likely don’t need a mouse mat this one looks good enough to have out just for how it looks.

The included mouse is light in the hand without being too light.  It features forwards and back buttons on the left hand side, a scroll/button wheel and an additional middle button.

Sumvision Nemesis Kane Pro PackIn the review video below you’ll see the mouse also has lighting built in, with the colours subtly changing every few seconds.  It’s a good mouse when you consider the overall price of the pack.

The Nemesis keyboard also features lighting, the keys are all backlit and the colour can be manually clanged between red, purple or blue.  The light intensity can also be adjusted 4 levels, 3 different brightnesses and totally off.

In use for typing the keyboard can be a little frustrating, it requires a heavy touch to register key presses and if you type quickly you can often find letters haven’t been registered.

Tested on a Windows 10 PC the mouse and keyboard were recognised and installed as soon as they were plugged in.

Finally we come to the headphones.  These are fairly comfortable and feature a small microphone for in game chatting.  They connect via headphone and microphone jacks, rather than USB, and the overall sound quality is OK if a little flat.

The thing to keep in mind with this pack is that you could by a separate keyboard or mouse or pair of headphones for the the price of this entire set, so this represents good value if you don’t want to spend a fortune but would like something with a bit more style.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1Wamn1R

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