Sumvision Cyclone Android X4 TV box Review

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The Sumvision Cyclone V4 Android box is aimed squarely at the media streaming market.

It’s compact little design is perfect for adding to your existing TV setup without taking up much space, taking on the now familiar puck favoured by these media devices.

The Cyclone comes two USB ports and a remote control.  Unlike other Android boxes the remote receiver is built into the box, so you don’t take up a USB slot with a dongle.

Although small and nice looking the remote was only really of use for apps that only require limited up/down/left/right, such as Netflix.  It was actually fairly frustrating to use for anything other than this and so is better replaced with either the Sumvision Freestyle Airmouse or a decent keyboard/trackpad combination such as those offered by Logitech.

Sumvision Cyclone

On the inside the Cyclone is powered by a 1.5 Ghz quad core processor and has 8GB of internal storage which can be expanded via a micro SD or SDHC card.  Although an AV cable was included a HDMI cable wasn’t.

Booting up Android boxes is alway interesting, what sort of design will the manufacturers use to make this TV friendly?  Boot up the Cyclone and you’ll be presented with an interface that’ll look familiar to anyone who has ever used XBMC (AKA Kodi).

It’s a simple menu system with icons listed under categories such as video, musics etc.  Each of these can have app shortcuts added to them, for example you might add a shortcut to Plex under the video menu.

Although simple, the Cyclone menu system wasn’t a fluid as you might expect and it feels a little clunky.  This is surprising as when you load up apps such as XBMC or YouTube you get a nice smooth interface that don’t suffer from any lag.

With a quad core the Cyclone could be a good little gaming box, unfortunately at the time of review the Cyclone doesn’t support the Xbox control pad in the same way most Android boxes do and that meant testing games using the Sumvision Airmouse.  Games appeared to run well, but I wouldn’t want to play them without a proper controller.  Note that only the Xbox controller was tested, perhaps this works well with other controller types.

The Cyclone has potential, but to stand out from the numerous competitors it really needs a better interface, controller support and a much better remote.  If you’re looking for a little box for XBMC/YouTube/Plex etc then it’s well worth considering.

Available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1JZ95BY

Sumvision Android TV Box Cyclone Android X4 AMLogic Quad Core Android 4.4 XBMC KODI 14.2 Media Streamer Player Smart TV Box for your HDMI HD TV

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  • Cyclone Android x4 is great value entertainment using Quad Core AMLogic Power with 1GB Memory, 8GB Storage and comes loaded with Android 4.4. There is also 1 Micro SD/SDHC Slot and 2 X USB Ports to enable use of an usb keyboard.
  • KODI 14.2 XBMC Media Player: Cyclone Android X4 users can experience rich entertainment from the XBMC KODI 14.2 media player. Stream from internet, network storage or playback digital media locally. KODI XBMC is fully compatible with Cyclone Android X4 player.
  • HEVC-High Efficiency Video Coding: Cyclone Android X4 use the new H.265 video compression technology. H.265 has a higher compression ratio than the older H.254.
  • Thousands of Android APK's for you to use. Enjoy gaming, social networking, surfing the net and many more.
  • The box contains: Media Player, Remote Control, Power USB Cable, Power Supply, AV Cable and CD Manual.

Sumvision Cyclone Micro 4 Media Player

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  • Support All Major Files: BD-ISO, MKV, AVI, HD JPEG, MP4 - Easy to use Interface
  • Network Streaming - Using RJ45 OR Wifi to stream from computer or NAS
  • Bigger Storage Support - Support Up to 4TB HDD and support the new SDHC/SDSX Micro SD
  • Passthrough Surround Sound Support - HDMI Audio can be transferred directly to amplifier then to TV
  • Please Note - This media player does not support H265

Sumvision Cyclone Voyager 2 7.85 inch Quad Core 2GB 16GB Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Tablet

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