Sumvision PSYC Torre WX Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Tower Speaker Review

When you think of multi room WiFi speaker the main brand that springs to mind is Sonos, along with the knowledge they’re going to be expensive.

That’s started to change, in 2016 August released their excellent multi room system and 2017 finds another contender for the affordable multi room thrown: the Sumvision Psyc Torre WX.

The Torre WX have a traditional black shell with a sporty red trim. While this might not be to everyone’s taste, being a little bit boy racer, one thing everyone will agree on is that you get a great speaker for the price.

Around the back is an on/off switch, aux in, treble and bass controls. The speaker is powered via a wall plug and you get a decent length wire to give you options on location.

Along the top are controls and a mobile/tablet stand. Why might you want to leave you device on the speaker? Because round the side is a USB out allowing you to charge it up!  There is also an optional support frame for mobiles, needed if you want to pop you phone in landscape or want to poke and prod the screen without it falling over.

Setup was very easy, download the Muzo app and follow the instructions. The app will be familiar to anyone with August WiFi speakers which use a rebranded version of the same app. Interestingly this meant that existing August speakers show up and you can use a mixture of Sumvision and August WiFi speakers, a flexibility not found in other high end systems.

Muzo App

The app can be used to start playback of music and for controlling how the speakers work with each other. For example you can different things playing on different speakers (for example TuneIn radio on one speaker, Spotify on another), you can have the same song on multiple speakers and you can also set one speaker as the left channel and one to the right for a stereo setup that doesn’t require a wire between them.

Within Spotify the speakers show up under the Spotify connect system. Where you’re using synchronized speakers you’ll have a single master speaker that shows up in Spotify but that plays the same song across all speakers.  Where they are separate all the speakers will be listed in Spotify.

It’s an easy to use system that gives you a lot of flexibility when you have multiple speakers.

Sound quality is very good, something you’d expect after the excellent Psyc Monic set the bar so high last year. A single speaker easily fills the room with a lovely sound, plus you’ve the bass and treble controls to adjust the sound to your liking.

As you’ll see in the review video the synchronization works really well, move from one speaker to the next and it all sounds like a single speaker as everything comes out at the same time.

Considering the low price of the Sumvision PSYC Torre WX speakers you could get 3 of these for a little more than a single entry level Sonos Play 1.  They sound really good considering the low price, work well over WiFi and play nicely with existing WiFi speakers that use the same app.

The Sumvision PSYC Torre EX Speakers are available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2lRHfON

Sumvision PSYC Torre WX Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Tower Speaker Video Review

Sumvision Psyc Torre WX Smart Wifi and Bluetooth Wireless Tower Speaker for PC Phone Ipad Samsung and Tablet

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  • STREAM YOUR MUSIC IN ANY ROOM - The Psyc Torre WX Wifi Speaker gives you the possibility of streaming music all over your house! Wi-Fi technology allows you to sync multiple Torre WX speakers to one app; giving you the option to play individual songs or pair them together to play in sync in any room.
  • ONE APP FULL CONTROL - The Torre WX Wifi Speaker uses MUZO a powerful and intuitive software that gives you full control of your Torre WX speaker! Use your phone or tablet to access to Spotify, Tunein, tidal and many other radio stations! Pick the room where you want to play your music and have full access and control of all playback settings in each room.
  • HYBRID SPEAKER - With many different inputs the Torre WX is a very versatile Wifi Speaker, including switching between Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • ONBOARD CONTROLS AND TABLET STAND - Prop your phone/tablet on the built-in stand where you can either charge your device or use it as a stand so you don't misplace it when you want to adjust your music. Adjust the speaker equaliser to your own personal taste. Two adjustable knobs at the back of the speaker lets you fine tune your bass and treble to exactly how you like it!
  • STEREO SPEAKERS - The MUZO software lets you pair speakers together and play in stereo, giving you the option to create a 2.0 speaker system for your listening pleasure!

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