TaoTronics TT-FT02 FM Transmitter Review

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The TaoTronics TT-FT02 is a dedicated in car FM transmitter that plugs into the cars lighter socket and connects to your mobile via Bluetooth.  Once connected it allows you to stream music to your car via an FM signal, and also allows for calls to be answered while out and about.

The design is an interesting one as it comes in two parts.  The base of the TT-FT02 is what you’d plug into your car and on the top of the base is a USB charger, allowing you to use this and still charge gadgets such as mobiles or sat navs.  The base has a ‘branch’ with a magnetic top and this is used to attach and charge the second section of the device, the FM transmitter.  Once assembled it’s a tall standing bit of kit, which is good as it is easy to find without looking, but does mean you need to position it carefully so as to not get in the way of other car controls or your/you passengers coat/jacket.

The FM transmitter is a tubular section with all the controls you need.  The top acts as a button allowing you to play/pause/answer calls, there are skip forward/back buttons and towards the base is a rotatable ring which is used to alter the FM frequency being transmitted.


Setup was very easy, plug the TT-FT02 into your car, pair a phone, set the FM frequency, tune in to the frequency and away you go!  Sound quality was very good and the ability to charge a mobile at the same time is very useful if you’re heading off on a long trip and don’t want a low mobile battery when you arrive.

The controls are fairly easy to use, the ability to remove the top section means a passenger can make adjustments if required, but this would probably benefit from switching the FM dial and skip track buttons.  When driving around if you want to skip a track you don’t look at the TT-FT02 and the skip track buttons are fairly small, the FM ring would be much easier to find without looking, and in some cases it was knocked while attempting to skip track meaning the FM frequency suddenly changed and the music was lost.

A nice dedicated in car solution, the TT-FT02 is available to buy on Amazon now: http://goo.gl/B1ysc2

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