TECEVO F10 XL Over-Ear Headphones Review

The Tecevo F10 XL Over Ear Headphones are a low cost set of over ear Bluetooth headphones for those on a budget.

Being at the low cost end of the spectrum you’re not going to get a premium design made from the finest materials, and the Tecevo F10 XLs  do feel a little cheap and they do leak music if listening at volume.

Fortunately the sound quality makes up for the budget design, giving a decent volume and bass.

Tecevo F10 XL Headphones

Pairing was very easy and the headset easily reconnected to my mobile whenever they were powered on again. Power could be a bit of an issue, rather than use a standard USB port, the sort you find on mobiles and most Bluetooth headphones, the manufacturers have opted for a USB wire with a round tip. Misplace this and you can’t easily charge them using a wire from another gadget, such as a mobile.

There is also no way to use these as wired headphones, there isn’t a 3.5m input as you’d find on more expensive headphones.

If you’re travelling these come with a soft case which won’t do too much to protect them but does give you somewhere to put the charging cable.

It’s difficult to fault the budget design when these are budget headphones, they offer great sound quality for a just £25 but are disadvantaged by the use of a non standard charging cable. If buying on a tight budget these are well worth considering, but if your budget can stretch an extra £10-£15 much better quality headphones are available.

Available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ArhnPg

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