TeslaAmazing Magnetic Notes Review

The TeslaAmazing Magnetic Notes came about via a Kickstarter campaign that was backed by 5955 people.  The aim was to ‘reinvent paper that you can stick to any surface without any pins, glue, buttons, or thumb tacks.

After a successful campaign the Magnetic Notes are now available to all and they come in a variety of sizes and colours.

On first glance the yellow coloured notes could easily be mistaken for the humble Post-It note, but when you take them out of the pack you soon realise something is very different about these.  For starters they tend to remain a solid block, you can’t easily leaf through them as the charge keeps them stuck together.

Write on the note, peel it off, and then find a flat surface and you’ll see how the Magnetic Note sticks completely flat.  To be clear, although these are called Magnetic Notes, they don’t need a metal surface to stick to.  As you’ll see in the review video a single note was stuck to a laptop screen, a glass window, a wall, a wooden door and clothing (handy for the classic ‘kick me’ sign perhaps?!).

Magnetic Notes

One thing to note is that they’re really nice to write on, similar to Parax Stone paper previously reviewed.

On the reverse is a white surface which can be used like a whiteboard. Using the same pens as a whiteboard you can write on the white surface and, like a whiteboard, the writing can be erased and the note used again. The Magnetic Notes stick to surfaces on either side so you can have a range of them stuck to a wall, some on the reusable side, some on the coloured side.

Reaction to use of the notes varied, some people loved them, others were not impressed. In part that’s to do with them not always being as quick and easy to use as the humble sticky note. In an office environment sticky notes are perfect for use on monitors, whereas Magnetic Notes proved to be rather hit and miss, if they only had part of a surface to stick to they often wouldn’t.

Some of the notes also didn’t seem to work too well after being stuck to several surfaces which meant some people became rather frustrated and switched back to the tried and tested sticky note.

The TeslaAmazing Magnet Notes are certainly an interesting take on note taking stationary, and the reusable whiteboard style surface is certainly a bonus, and while some people were amazed by them and others didn’t like them the third option was just indifference about them.  The notes are a nice product, but as someone who works in an office they’re a solution to a problem I don’t have, and once they run out I’ll likely just reach for a pack of classic sticky notes without any thought to ordering more Magnetic Notes.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1OUl6FG and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/21a4eSt


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