Thriva start offering £59 Coronavirus antibody test

Start your plan to better health with a personalised finger-prick blood test.

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Home testing firm Thriva has introduced a test that can check for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus.

In an email sent to customers today the firm announced:

We’ve introduced a test that can check for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus.

Our home finger-prick blood test can detect coronavirus antibodies 21 days after your symptoms started. This test can tell you if you’ve had COVID-19 in the past. It can’t tell you if you currently have COVID-19.

Why we’re offering this

Testing will play a crucial part in the fight against coronavirus, and we want to help in any way that we can. Particularly to help ease the burden on the NHS and provide people with an accurate test that can tell them if they’ve had coronavirus.

Key information

You need to wait 21 days after your symptoms started to do your test. Don’t do this test if you currently have symptoms.

This test won’t tell you if you’re immune to coronavirus. It’s a new virus, and we don’t know how long these antibodies stay in your system.

We’re selling this test for £59. This is at no profit to us – the most important thing is that this test is as accessible to as many people as possible.

Thriva announcement email to customers

In the website FAQs Thriva answers the most obvious question:

Is this the antibody test that Public Health England has approved?

Yes, Public Health England (PHE) has approved both the Abbott and Roche coronavirus antibody tests. We’re offering the Abbott test.

Thriva has been around since 2016 with the aim of building a preventative health service. You can order a range of tests and a kit is delivered to your door.

You take your own blood samples using a simple finger prick system, pop them into the included containers and send them off for testing. Within a couple of days your results are ready via an online portal, along with easy to understand explanations and advice on what to do next.

Thriva start offering £59 Coronavirus antibody test
Thriva start offering £59 Coronavirus antibody test

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