Tips for starting a side hustle

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I’ve recently had a number of friends looking to setup a side hustle to their main job, something that may well replace the day job if things go well. They each knew what they wanted to do but were unsure how to go about it, the following is the advice I’ve given them which they all found very helpful.

Value Proposition

Having a general idea is great, for example you might want to be a nutritionist. A valuable first step to achieving this is to fully consider what your value proposition is.


For a more in depth explanation have a quick read of this article: https://conversionxl.com/blog/value-proposition-examples-how-to-create/

It’s a hard thing to create so come up with a few ideas and bounce them off friends and family to see if they understand it.

Primal Branding

I undertook a YouTube course where I learned about “Primal Branding”, a really interesting set of concepts about why some brands work and some don’t.

It applies to any sized business and while there is a book on the subject for those who want to go really deep into this area I’d recommend reading this article first as it gives you a great overview:

The point of the first couple of suggestions is to get you very focused on what you’re offering and why you’re offering it.  It’s helpful to write out your vision of how you’ll fit into each of the sections of primal branding, gives a lot of clarity.


It’s never been easier to build a website, and a good looking one at that!

You’ve probably heard of WordPress, it’s a fantastically versatile website platform which I very much recommend if you’re up for a lot of tinkering.  As well as this very website I’ve also built the following using wordpress:

As my friends were not overly technical and found using a mobile a bit challenging at times I recommended www.wix.com, a really easy to use website builder with loads of templates that can be easily customized.

For example results these are the two websites built in Wix:

What I’m really impressed with is that Wix make a lot of complicated things very simple. Don’t have a URL? No problem, upgrade and you get one included in the price!

Don’t have email, again no problem, Wix can sort that for you. Need a booking system…you get the idea. The simplicity comes at a cost, you’ll need to add on each module you want so think carefully if you really need it, e.g. do you need an online booking system or would getting an email booking work just as well?

TIP: Wix sales system will usually give you a big discount if you’re a new user who doesn’t immediately upgrade to a paid package. Worth waiting for as it can save a lot of money in the first year.

Useful Resources

If you’re looking to do online posts a good site to use is https://www.canva.com/ it has loads of good looking templates that you can edit, some free, some you pay a little bit for, and they end up looking really good.

For business cards I’d also suggest Moo: https://refer.moo.com/s/mdraper37  who offer a great range of business cards that have a more premium feel to them.

If you’re not artistic and need a logo there is a service available on Wix, or alternativly you can get someone to create on via http://www.fiverr.com/s2/39fa2266ce (that link should get you a 20% discount). 

There are loads of people doing jobs on that site, some of them garbage, but I’ve found the logo designs tend to be OK, especially if you just want something simple to start off with.  You’ll likely need to have a general design in mind as well as brand name and brand colours.

Finally a couple of other useful videos to take a look at:


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