Tonor K380 Wireless Microphone Review

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The Tonor K380 is a low-cost wireless microphone that has a number of uses.  It comes with a receiver that’s designed to be plug into a speaker or camera. 

The microphone is powered by 2 AA batteries that are held in the main body.  The receiver is powered by a ABC battery, not a common battery type but one readily available to buy. 

On the microphone is a power button and channel selector, with 10 channels available to ensure you don’t run into interference problems with other equipment.   

The receiver has a power toggle, microUSB port for power and has Bluetooth built in.  There is the larger plug type on it, but it comes with an adaptor so it can be used with a 3.5mm input jack. 

To make use of the microphone you’ll need to plug the receiver in to something.  For example, you can plug it into a camera to record audio from the mic along with video, or plug into a speaker to create a PA system. 

Tonor K380

The microphone provides surprisingly good sound quality.  It doesn’t have an inbuilt pop filter and it takes a bit of practice holding it the right distance for the best quality, but it does a great job of capturing your voice when out and about, and not capturing background noise such as airplanes flying overhead. 

It should be a great microphone for those wanting to film out an about but it does have one drawback: it only transmits on the left channel only, meaning on playback you get audio out of one speaker only. 

The K380 has another trick up its sleeve, when you bring the receivers Bluetooth feature into play you realize this isn’t a mic for interviewing…it’s for karaoke! 

Plug the receiver into a speaker, pair your mobile/tablet and download a karaoke app and you’ve got yourself a karaoke system.  The receiver will output the music from your app along with the audio from the mic to the same speaker, merging the two and allowing you to live out your dreams of being a singer. 

It’s a niche use but a very fun one.  If the microphone allowed sound to be recorded for both left and right channels it would have a lot more uses without needing sound to be adjusted in the edit suite.  Pair this with a Bluetooth speaker such as the Sumvision Psyc Monic and you’ve got a highly portable singing station which can be used both in or outdoors. 

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Tonor K380 Wireless Microphone Video Review


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