Torguard Car Camera Review

The Torguard car camera offers good video quality for a low price.  In the box you get the camera, power cable, USB cable for transferring files from the camera and the windscreen mount. The mount is designed to allow you to remove the camera quickly and easily without removing the mount from the windscreen itself, however I found this to be much tricker to do compared to other dash cameras I’ve tried.

The camera has an unusual design with a lens that sticks rather far out. The lens does a good job of capturing a wide field of view, in the review video you’ll see across 3 lanes of a motorway.

Along the bottom of the camera are the controls, a memory card slots in the side and the power slots in the top.

Torguard camera layout

There are lots of menu options to explore, note that if you set the date/time before connecting it to a power source it might forget this setting when the battery runs out. I’d set it before installing it the next day and only noticed when looking at the video files that the date/time had reverted to last year.

The camera automatically starts recording so you don’t need to worry about getting it going. As you’ll see in the video picture quality is very good, but there seemed to be an issue with the audio quality. For some unknown reason the camera added a high pitched squeak/click noise, sometimes this was really loud, other times it’s just in the background.

Perhaps there is a fault with the unit I’ve been sent, but everything else worked fine so this is something to be aware of and check for when the item arrives.

For the low cost you get a decent picture quality and a design that is fairly compact.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/23KDdq3


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