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When setting up a personal website for the first time you don’t want to be paying out loads of cash for something that might not go anywhere.  For the first few months of life this website was hosted on a free platform, an ideal way to get things off the ground and start learning about WordPress and managing a website.  However, free hosting tends to come with limitations, I soon found the website was being taken offline regularly due to the amount of traffic and so I set about finding the best UK WordPress host.

Tsohost to the rescue!

I did a lot of reading around and there are lots of options available, so my criteria was as follows:

– UK based to ensure any support I needed was available when I was awake

– Must host WordPress

– Must be able to migrate an existing website

– Must be a good price!

I’d read a lot of good things about Tsohost so decided to give them a try.  They offer a good range of plans, and for someone starting out the Lite plan offers excellent value for money, £14.99 for 1 year of website hosting.

Migrating existing WordPress site

At the time the website was relatively new, but it had enough content that I didn’t want to have to recreate it all.  Once signed up Tsohost migrating my existing WordPress website without any problems at all.  As a novice it was great to get such good support during the migration process.  Be aware you’ll need to provide access to your entire website, but it’s absolutely worth allowing the experts this access as they’ll ensure WordPress is setup and running exactly as it was on your previous hosts.

Day to day management

You’re provided with a control panel to help manage your website.  This is different to the account management and ticketing system for Tsohost (which is on their website), having used both for some time now I can report them all to be very easy to use.  If you don’t currently have an email provider you can make use of the email management tools provided with the control panel, allowing you to setup multiple addresses for your domain name.

Customers are also provided with a website stats panel giving an overview of the number of visitors, where in the world they are, what pages they’re looking at etc.  It’s not as data rich as Google Analytics but that’s not a bad thing, it means you’re not overwhelmed with data.

Customer support

Over the last year I’ve opened a number of tickets for various reasons and each time the support provided has been excellent.  The ticketing system is very easy to use and you’ll get an email when an update has been provided.

A recent example is a ticket submitted with a technical question about WordPress and increasing memory allocation as recommended by a plugin, something I wasn’t too sure how to do.  Rather than give me a few pointers or brush it off as something I needed to sort out myself the staff actually made the change for me to ensure I didn’t accidentally do something wrong, and this was all done within an hour of me submitting the support request.

Tsohost affiliate scheme

As you can probably tell, I’ve been very happy with the products and service offered by Tsohost.  I suspect the majority of the customers feel the same and so they’ve implemented an affiliate referral scheme, which basically means you can earn some cash for referring customers to them. I’d have no problems recommending them without this link, but seeing as they offer it I’d be most obliged if you’d visit the site via the following:

– http://bit.ly/U6BkHc

The offer a great range of products and services, doesn’t matter if you’re looking to start a new website or migrate an existing one, check them out as I highly recommend them.

Update May 2017

I’m still using Tsohost, they’re still brilliant.  I’ve recently launched a new website, lisareeve.co.uk and I thought I’d need to pay extra to host a second website.  Turns out a second website is included with my original plan!  That makes Tsohost fantastic value for money, they’ve hosted both websites and provided a lot of assistance for a very reasonable price.

So my recommendation stands, if you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting company get in touch with Tsohost.

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