Vax S2 Hard Floor Master Upright Steam Mop

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Vax S2 Steam MopSo who else is tired of using a traditional mop and bucket?  Me too, which is why I thought I’d give the Vax S2 Steam Stick a try.

Reading up on steam mops they sound a little too good to be true, but the appeal of ditching a traditional a mop and bucket to clean the house was too much to resist.  The Vax S2 looks nice enough, sporting a simple design.  It has a decent length cable to allow ease of movement, and it takes up about the same amount of space as an average sized vacuum cleaner.

In use it lived up to my expectations, it cleans the floors very quickly and there is no waiting for hours for the floors to dry, give it 10 minutes and they feel really nice and fresh again.  The unit comes with an adaptor so the cleaner can be used on carpet as well as hard floors.

So why not 5 stars? Well the water unit on the Vax S2 can be really hard to take off. I’ve struggled a little with it, others in my house have had to ask me to remove it. We eventually found the easiest method is to put the Vax S2 on the floor with the handle against a wall so you can use both hands to push the water bottle off the main body.

Aside from that it’s fantastic. Came with 2 pads, I’ve only used 1 pad so far and as you can see in my video it gets really dirty. A quick wash and it’s ready to clean up again.

Vax Hard Water Filters (Type 1) Triple Pack

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as of 25/02/2021 5:19 am


  • Three replacement Hard Water Filters (Type 1) for your Vax Steam Mop
  • Genuine Vax Spares - Maximum quality and suitable for use under Warranty
  • These replacement hard water filters are compatible with the following models:S2/C/S/U,S2S-1,S2S+,S2ST,S3S,S3S-C,S3S-U,S3S+,S6S,S7/-A/-A+/-AV,S84-W7-P,S85-CM,S85-SF-R,S86-CCM-3,S86-CHM-2,S86-MC-C,S86-SF-A/B/C/CC/CCP/P/T,VRS16S,VRS29M
  • Protects your machine from Limescale deposits and build-up
  • Crucial to protect your product, particularly in Hard Water areas

Vax Genuine Microfibre Cleaning Pads (Type 2)

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  • A set of spare microfibre cleaning pads for your Vax steam mop
  • Genuine Vax spares - maximum quality and suitable for use under warranty
  • Suitable for use with all Vax triangular-head steam mops
  • Outstanding performance for everyday cleaning
  • Simple drawstring attachment method, suitable for all Vax steam mops

Genuine Vax S2 Steam Cleaner Mop Type 1 Hard Water Filter Cartridge (Pack of 3)

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as of 25/02/2021 5:19 am


  • Genuine Vax Steam Cleaner Mop Hard Water Filter Cartridges (Type 1)
  • Fits models: S2
  • Crucial for protecting your machine from corrosive limescale build up - especially in hard water areas.
  • Pack of 3 Filters
  • Genuine Vax replacement / spare part

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