Velocifire VM90 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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The Velocifire VM90 mechanical gaming keyboard is a well built keyboard that feels much nicer than lower cost gaming keyboards. It features a metal base, backlit keys and a magnetic wrist rest.

The keyboard features two USB cables, one for the keyboard and a second for a USB port located on the back right of the keyboard, a handy and tidy way of giving you a USB extension.

There are no dedicated media keys or volume controls on the VM90, you’ll need to use the function keys to get access to such features.

If you’re after a keyboard to show off your rig, maybe at a LAN party, the Velocifire VM90 certainly shines…and flashes, and blinks! Keys are backlit by multi coloured lights and there is a huge range of lighting effects available, for example standard backlight, lighting when pressed, flashlight, the generous options allow for 6 to be selected on the keyboard itself and the rest selected by the installable software.


Software is downloaded from the website and opens up a lot of options. As well as being used able to select the lighting style (and also the colours used), there are options to disable the Windows key (to prevent accidentally dropping out of a game), adjusting the keyboard response time and setting up macros.

There seems to be a bit of an issue with macros, when tested the software logged the key press twice (e.g. press the up key once and the macro would show ‘up’ ‘up’). Despite changing the response time settings this didn’t get resolved, hopefully it’s something that can be address via a software update.

The software offers a range of options so it’s well worth spending some time experimenting and saving different profiles for different situations.

As a keyboard, both for typing as gaming, this works fine, nice and responsive and the backlighting makes it easy to spot your keys if you happen to be working or gaming in the dark.

The Velocifire VM90 price is high, but that’s reflective of the premium build quality and range of features on offer.

Available from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1MIqrpH and Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/1YH7dBn

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