Vezon 10400mAh Power Bank Review

The Vezon 10,400mAh power bank is very similar in design to the recently reviewed TP-Link TL-PB10400 power bank.

There are a few design differences, the Verzon power bank has LED status lights on the side rather than on top, but both hold a huge charge given the small size and will easily charge your gadgets at least a couple of times.

The Vezon power bank has two USB out ports allowing you to charge two gadgets at once (e.g. phone and tablet). The USB in port is for charging the battery itself and it comes with a single USB cable and you’ll need to provide a second if you have another gadget.

Vezon Power Bank and Bag

The LED lights on the side indicate how much charge is left and be aware that with this holding such a large amount you’ll need to leave this on charge for a long time to get it fully topped up.  A battery this size will allow you to charge your gadgets numerous times, just how many will depend on the battery size in your mobile/tablet/MP3 Player etc.

You also get a little case which is a nice touch and will help prevent accidental scratches, e.g. should you keep this in a bag with keys.

Like the TP-Link power bank the Vezon is a great little compact but powerful portable battery, but is actually a tad cheaper.

Available now from Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1SHlJal

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