Yeelight Bluetooth Lightbulb Review

Smart pens, smart watches, smart scales and now we have not so dumb light bulbs! The Yeelight Bluetooth Bulb is available for both B22 bayonet socket fittings and E27 screw fittings.

The light doesn’t appear to be anything special when you take it out of the box, you just plug it in like a normal bulb. Turning it on you still won’t notice anything special, it gives off a normal coloured light and is perfectly suitable as a normal light bulb for everyday use. However, download the app (available on iPhone or Android) and you can control the Yeelight Bulb brightness and colour from your mobile!

It has a good colour and brightness range and is great if you want to read in bed and then turn off your light without getting up. There are a number of options available including a disco mode, which listens to music and changes the colour of the bulb as well as ‘ColorFlow’mode which changes the bulbs colour based on the colours in a photo you select.

YeelightYou can also set the bulb to automatically switch off or on at set times, very useful if you have problems getting up in the dark winter mornings.

The bulb itself works really well, unfortunately the app was rather frustrating at times. The system used to control brightness and colour were easy to mix up, meaning you can accidentally change the colour rather than the brightness, and sometimes the app just didn’t do anything at all. It seems to easily drop the connection to the bulb and you have to go and reconnect before regaining control.

It would also be nice to see the app offer some more useful features, such as the ability to have the bulb react to a phone event such as an incoming call, text or email.

On the plus side this doesn’t require any additional equipment such as a wifi bridge and the app is capable of controlling multiple bulbs if required (this feature wasn’t tested).

A good bit of hardware let down by the software, the Yeelight Bluetooth Bulb is available now on Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1rzvWXA and Amazon com http://amzn.to/1zzRwzB

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