Buyable.me price tracking website review

Buyable.me price tracking website review

Buyable.me homepageBuyable.me is a new website, still in beta, that I’ve recently discovered.  It aims to help us online shoppers keep an eye on the things we want to buy…when they’ve dropped in price a bit.  The concept of the site is simple: You tell it what product you’re interested in and the site will keep checking the price, emailing you when a price change has been detected.

The website itself is crisp and clean, and you can build up a watch list within a few minutes.  All you need is the URL of the product page and you’re away.  On first trying the site I made the mistake of attempting to watch something on the homepage of Amazon.co.uk, and the service didn’t work.  This is due to the home page changing all the time, you need to make use of the actual product page for the service to work.

Adding an item to watch is really simple:

Buyable.me click on price

  • Enter the product page URL
  • Click on the price you want to watch
  • Confirm the site has identified the correct site
  • Done!


If you’ve not used the service before you’ll be prompted to setup an account and enter an email address to receive notifications.  It’s really quick to do and you have a watchlist page to monitor pricing.  On the watchlist page you’re shown a tracking graph so you can see the fluctuations in price over time.

Buyable.me watchlistOverall Buyable.me works really well, but there is room for improvement.  Currently the site is unable to track your local currency is the site adapts to your location (unless your local currency is the same as the websites local currency).  For example, on the Steam page for X Rebirth I’m shown the pre-order price in £s; yet when I enter the URL into Buyable.me the site shows the price (and tracks the price) in $s.

And while using the website is simple this service would be even better if it could work on the website you’re viewing, rather than having to copy and paste URLs.  Fortunately the team behind buyable.me are very open to feedback and suggestions.  Reaching out to them they confirmed:

“Regarding the browser plugin, great idea, and it is actually already in our backlog.  We are planning to create a bookmarklet (you drag it into your bookmark bar) like Pinterest has.  You would press the bookmarklet when you are on a product page that you would like to watch, and it will then automatically add the product to your watchlist.

The above solution is a bit more complex, and will take some time for us to roll it out.”

Even without such additional features the site is live, usable and useful right now and it appears it’s just going to keep getting better and better.

Buyable.me is a fantastic tool for those who play the long game when shopping.  Build up your watchlist, sit back and let the site do the hard work for you.  Then when the price is right you can grab that treat you’ve been waiting for.  A simple idea, well executed, that you should bookmark right now.

4 / 5 stars     

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