Criticue Review – Get your website peer reviewed

Criticue Review – Get your website peer reviewed

Criticue homepageCriticue is fantastic and vital tool for anyone designing a website.  Doesn’t matter what type of website you have, could be a business website, a review website or a personal blog, gaining user feedback is hugely important and useful to part of the creative process.

 The pitch

The idea behind Criticue is so simple you have one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments.  You submit your website for review by other users of the service.  In order to ‘pay’ for each review you need to earn credits; you earn credits by reviewing other peoples website.  This type of peer review means the Criticue community is contently motivated to provide peer reviews of your website in order to gain credits and reviews for their website(s).

Starting out with Criticue

Criticue review page

You don’t need to submit your website for review immediately, if you prefer you can start to earn credits for use at a later date.  This is really useful if you happen to be working on a website that isn’t yet ready for public reviewing as you can do a couple of website reviews each day to bank the credits for when you’re ready.  When you finally add a website for review Criticue takes a screenshot of your page and allows you to add a personal message to reviewers.  This is hugely useful if you want to get feedback on a particular aspect of your site, a popular request being ‘do you know what we’re offering?’

A link to the website is provided to allow reviewers to visit and experience it as a real visitor would.  Any feedback can then be submitted to the website owner along with a mark out of 5 for the site.  Criticue also records how long you’ve spent looking at the site, I’m unsure how accurate this is but it at least gives an indication of how long someone has spent perusing your site before giving feedback.

Of course if you don’t have time to provide feedback to earn credits you have the option to purchase them directly, very useful if you’re looking to get a lot of feedback very quickly.

Getting feedback on Criticue

Criticue feedback pageOnce people submit feedback you can read it on your dashboard, and to ensure a good quality of feedback is maintained you are able to score it.  Feedback is moderated before it is passed on to the website owner, so at least you won’t get a load of spam feedback asking you to use some service or other.

The feedback ranges in quality, but as the site is based on peer reviews it benefits everyone if users submit honest and thought out feedback.  If you don’t take the time to look at someone’s website why will they take the time to look at yours.  Be prepared, it’s not always going to be positive feedback!  It was actually as a result of feedback regarding how dull this website looked that lead to a complete redesign.

Criticue users don’t always just focus on design either, you can get some great feedback on the copy of your website (thanks to those users who spotted some typos!) and there are some genuinely helpful individuals who’ll go above and beyond in providing feedback.



It’s such a simple idea, but it’s really well done.  If you have a website or blog and want a to get some genuinely useful feedback then Criticue.com is a website you should register with right now.

5 / 5 stars     

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