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EPSON EB-X41 Smart HD Ready Office Projector

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Top features: – Up to 300” display for a cinema-style experience – High brightness levels so you can watch in light or dark rooms – Portable and quick to set up – Long-lasting lamp for 15 years of use Up to 300” displayGet a full big-screen cinema experience in your home. The Epson EB-X41 HD Ready Office Projector delivers an impressive 300” display – that’s a screen size far bigger than any TV. The picture quality is great too. 3LCD technology produces a bright display, with detailed shadows and deep blacks. Colours won’t appear dull and lifeless like they can on some projectors. Whether you’re watching videos or delivering a presentation, the picture quality won’t let you down.High brightness levelsWith the EBX41 projector there’s no need to draw the curtains, or turn the lights down. It works well even in bright rooms thanks to a 3600 lumen bulb. This display is bright enough so you can watch anywhere, and at any time of the day.PortableBuilt for home or office use, the EB-X41 is portable and quick to set up. It even has a carry case to keep it protected on-the-go, so you can take it to the office for your important presentation, and then take it back home to unwind with your favourite movie.Long-lasting lampDon’t worry about having to replace the projector lamp in a hurry. It has a long 6000 hour lifespan. You could watch a film every day for 15 years before it ever needs replacing.Don’t forget your accessoriesEnsure your presentation looks its best with our range of projector screens, so that any room can be turned into a meeting space. The Optoma range spans up to a huge 92”, so that you can present talks, speeches, and more to rooms of any size.

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