Firmoo.com Low Cost Glasses Website Review

Firmoo.com Low Cost Glasses Website Review

Firmoo.com is an online glasses store aiming to offer glasses at really low prices.

As someone that has worn glasses for many years I’ve bought them from bricks and mortar opticians as well as online retailers such as glassesdirect.com.

Browsing the website you’ll find a large variety of styles to choose from.  It was good to see Firmoo offers the ability to digitally try on the glasses, you upload a photo and the site overlays your chosen specs.

Prices range but are no more than $39 / £25 for the frames and basic lenses, so similar to prices available from sites such as Glasses Direct.

However, the costs increase if you want to upgrade to thinner lenses or have special coating on the lenses, with the most expensive thin lens option adding £22.40 and the most expensive polarizing option adding £32.01.

The ordering process was slick and simple, make sure to have your latest prescription to hand the first time you order.  This will be stored on your account should you come back to order more glasses making the checkout process even quicker.

An order placed on Saturday 24th June was delivered on Thursday 29th June, with updates on order progress sent regularly via email.

Given the low price the glasses were surprisingly good quality.  The test frames selected were black plastic frames and were comfortable.  In fact the low cost makes them perfect for a set of holiday glasses as they came with clip on filters to turn them into sunglasses and given the low price if something happens to them it won’t be a big problem.

The glasses also came with a nice hard case, a soft carry bag, a lens cleaning cloth, replacement screws and a duel headed mini screwdriver.  Typically I’ve only ever received a case and cleaning cloth with glasses so this was a great bundle for the price.

Although you can try the frames on digitally (by uploading a photo of yourself) one disadvantage firmoo.com has compared to a traditional opticians or online opticians is that as they’re based outside the UK there isn’t an easy option to physically try on the frames.

They do offer a #30-day Exhange&Return’ but all I can find on the website about this is “Unfit or wrong glasses can be exchanged or full refunded within 30 days.”, which may not cover if you just don’t like them.  Plus there would be an additional return cost sending them back out of the UK.

Having only seen one set of glasses it’s tricky to know how good the range is, but if the plastic specs tried are anything to go by you’ll get a decent set of glasses for not very much cash, so Firmoo.com are worth a look if you fancy the look of anything on their site.

They’ve got a special buy one get one free offer running at the moment via the following link: http://bit.ly/bogofirmooglasses

Firmoo.com Glasses Website Video Review

4 / 5 stars     

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