Fixwpquick.com Review

Fixwpquick.com Review

Fixwpquick.com offers a range of WordPress related services but it was the WordPress Speed Boost service that caught this website owners eye.

There are a range of online services for testing websites, but it’s not always easy making improvements if you’re just a casual user. There are lots of articles and tutorials available, even this websites host, Tsohost, has a range of helpful guides available.

For many these guides can take you only so far, then it’s time to ask for expert help.

If you look on a site like Fivrr you’ll find a lot of people offering website speed up services for a low price. Many of these will be based outside of the UK and will have a low starting price that increases when you add on additional bolt ons.

A bit of research led me to fixwpquick.com, a London UK based company that claims “In the extremely unlikely event we can’t speed up your website, we’ll issue a refunded immediately.” For a single charge of £60, only a little more than the Fivrr packages available with all the extras.


A pre sales exchange revealed they “…do not use any plugins, our developers are highly experienced and will do all of the optimization manually.”  This was found to be untrue as the plugin WP-Rocket was installed on the site.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the plugin should help with the site speed, it’s just a pity incorrect information is given out before you commit to a sale.

You need to be aware they’ll require an admin login to your site and FTP credentials. Once you’ve set those up its quick and easy to place an order, with speed optimization expected to be completed within 24 hours.

Before allowing anyone access to your website be sure to make a backup in case something goes wrong.

After placing an order, a request email came in asking for various log in details for the optimization to begin. As well as WordPress and FTP access requests were made for CloudFlare (the website content delivery network) and the control panel for the website host.

This process took place over a couple of days and it eventually transpired FixWPQuick have a problem optimising websites on the Gridhost platform.  Several days later a solution was offered:

“We can offer hosting from £9.95 per month which will include us migrating your site for you.”

This was disappointing as TsoHost have been an excellent host and it felt like the entire process was a way of selling their own, vastly more expensive hosting service. Moving the site from a trusted host to an unknown company wasn’t an option, instead details were provided to allow the two firms to communicate and try and solve the problem.

The chat transcript revealed the FixWPQuick advisor to be rather rude to TSO Host, at one-point commenting:

“please could you transfer me to someone who is more competent that [sic] you”

This isn’t how I’d expect a professional company acting on my behalf to behave. Raising this dissatisfaction lead to FixWPQuick appologising and admitting defeat on the optimisation. As per their website they provided a full refund due to being unable to speed up the site.

At this point I was please to get an email from TsoHost who offered to take a look at the site and see what they could do, free of charge. They also required an admin login for the site and within the hour they’d made some changes which have had a noticeable impact on the speed of the site.  They also explained that as this site has a lot of YouTube hosted content embedded there was only so much optimization that could take place and that online speed testing websites do not always give a true reflection of the sites load speed.

“These performance testing websites are not showing exact results, as they are not calculating the data which cannot be altered or changed from your website’s side, and the results may be deceiving. For example, some of the most famous websites are with low rating in the GTMetrix’s top 1000 websites.”

So in conclusion FixWPQuick were unable to do anything on my site, that’s not to say they couldn’t address issues you might be having.  However, before contacting them I recommend getting in touch with your host, especially if you use someone as good as TSOHost who have reputedly fixed WordPress issues and, on this occasion, helped speed up the site without charging me anything extra, outstanding service!

If you’re interested in TSOHost I’ve a special offer you can use:

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2 / 5 stars     

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