Vonshef Digital Multi Cooker Review

The Vonshef Digital Multi Cooker is a good looking bit of kit that offers lots of functionality in a compact form. In the box you get the cooking robot, various accessories to aid with cooking, a metal pan and a plastic stirring arm that is... Read more

ICO Healthy Smoothie Blender Review

The ICO Healthy Smoothie Blender is a low cost way to quickly and easily make tasty smoothies. The blender has a single control switch which gives you 2 different continuous speeds and a pulse mode. As you can see in the video you get a range... Read more

E50 Laser Distance Meter Review

The E50 Laser Distance Meter is a handy gadget to have if you do a lot of DIY or are in the building trade. It comes with a nice case and both the case and the meter feel good quality. Fitting in the hand, the top half of the meter is a small... Read more

3D Pen Review

The 3D pen offers an interesting take on ‘3D printing’ in that you form part of the ‘printer’ by guiding the nozzle. This 3D pen set comes with the pen, the power supply, some instructions and some sample plastics used... Read more

Revell Control Mini Rc Can Car Review

The Revell Control Mini RC Can Car is a fun, low cost, RC toy suitable for ‘big kids’ as well as actual kids! The car looks the business with front and rear lights and there are a range of vehicles available.  Each uses a different... Read more