Asustor AS6102T NAS Review

The AS6102T is a NAS by ASUSTOR.  They may not be a brand you’ve thought about buying before, but they’re certainly a brand you should consider if looking to purchase a NAS. ASUSTOR offer a range of options, ranging from home to... Read more

Eve Mattress Review

The Eve Mattress makes bold claims that you’ll be so happy with it that they’ll give you a refund at any point during the first 100 nights you sleep on it! This is a great pitch as I expect most people will think that mattress... Read more

AOTOP Drone 2MP Camera

This is the second AOTOP drone reviewed and, like the first, it offers a fun experience for not a lot of money. The drone comes mostly pre-assembled, you’ll just need to add the landing feet, blade guards and camera.  Note the guards... Read more

AOTOP FPV Drone with 2MP Camera Review

Kindly sent to me for review, this is a compact little quadcopter. The main body measures about 10cm and comes with a 2MP camera pre-installed. Along with the drone you get a small screwdriver to fit the blade guards and landing skids... Read more

Hiro Thing Finder Review

The Hiro thing finder is a bit like insurance policies, you hope you won’t need to use it but you’ll be glad you have it when an emergency hits! The Hiro is a little fob that you can attach to keys or place into a bag or wallet or... Read more

BLOKPOD Toy Storage Review

The BLOKPOD is one of those products that’s so simple you wonder why you didn’t think of it. This plastic container helps sort LEGO by different size grills, allowing the smaller LEGO to fall to the bottom while the larger... Read more