Parax Stone Paper Review

Stationary.  What could be new in the world of stationery?  Not the most exciting subject in most situations, at least until a company called Parax came along to rip up the tree paper rulebook and replace it with a stone paper one instead... Read more

Nest UK Learning Thermostat Review

Nest has finally arrived in the UK and is now widely available from stores such as Amazon and John Lewis.  There are 2 parts to the Nest, the actual Nest control unit and a small white box. This box sits between the Nest and the boiler. In my... Read more

TaoTronics TT-TF03 LED Torch Review

The TaoTronics TT-TF03 LED torch is the big brother of the recently reviewed TaoTronics 500 Lumen mini torch and offers up to 400 lumens more than it’s diminutive sibling.  after opening the slightly tricky packaging the first impression... Read more

Xtreamer Multi Console Review

The Xtreamer Multi-Console follows a long line of well priced Android devices that turn your TV into a giant Android tablet, or in the case of the Ouya a games console, but can it do better than previous low cost solutions?  The technical... Read more


ASUSTOR are probably not a brand you’re familiar with, you probably don’t know about their range of home and work NAS devices and it’s likely you’ve never considered buying one of their NAS drives over brands such as Synology, Buffalo or... Read more

Philips HR1863/01 Juicer Review

The Philips HR1863/01 is a nice compact juicer ideal for those looking to introduce more fruit and veg into their daily routine.  This also happens to be one of the juicers recommended by Jason ‘Juice Master’ Vale, so you know... Read more

HooToo 7 Port USB 3 Hub Review

HooToo are back with another great USB 3 product.  This time its a 7 port hub which also has 2 charging ports.  The design is similar to other HooToo products recently reviewed, with a nice solid build quality and easy to understand setup... Read more

NIX 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame Review

Remember when you use to get photos printed and look at them on something other than a monitor or mobile?  Those times seem long past with the evolution of camera phones, digital cameras, tablets and social media.  But there is a way you can... Read more

Dodocool World Travel Adapter Review

Travel adapters are one of those must take items that usually occupy much needed space in your suitcase. Dodocool have come up with a smart idea to overcome this by making several adapters in one. The Dodocool Travel Adapter has a plastic body... Read more

Dodocool Grid It Review

The Dodocool Grid It is a simple, but brilliant idea. Described by Dodocool as an ‘Accessory Organizer’, the Grid It is best described as a pad, about A4 sized, crisscrossed with elasticated bands of various thicknesses. The result... Read more

TomTom Go 5000 Review

TomTom Go 5000 represents one of the newest models in the revamped TomTom range.  Compared to older models (e.g. the TomTom Go 530) it’s a huge upgrade, from the interface to the time taken to calculate routes. The new TomTom range all... Read more

HooToo Sata Docking Station

The Hootoo docking station aims to make use of any spare hard drives you’ve collected over the years, giving you a quick and easy method of accessing the data on them. It comes with everything you need to get set up, all you need to... Read more

HooToo 10 Port USB 3 Hub Review

The HooToo 10 port USB 3 hub is great for anyone that wants quick and easy access to a lot of USB devices. It’s made of plastic, but has a nice solid weight to it. The feet on the bottom of the unit provide it with some stability against... Read more

Doctor Who Tardis USB Hub Review

There are a lot of USB hubs out there, but this must be one of the coolest you can buy.  The Tardis hub plugs into an existing USB port and turns it into 4 ports. The Tardis hub has a little blue light on the top and the distinctive Tardis... Read more

HooToo 4 Port USB 3 Hub Review

Many USB hubs I’ve used get the job done but are generally plastic, giving a bit of a cheap feel. Upon unpacking the HooToo USB 3 hub I was impressed with both the small size and the aluminium finish, the USB 3 hub feels well built and... Read more

Inateck USB 3.0 4 Port Hub Review

The Inateck 4 port hub has help solve a problem I’ve had since building a new PC: Only one USB 3 port.  Having recently come into possession of some USB 3 devices it became clear a single port was going to restrict the speed advantage... Read more

LG 42LA690V Smart TV Review

I recently decided to upgrade from my old LG TV which was starting to make some funny buzzing sounds and wasn’t a smart TV.  My previous TV was 37” LG TV, the replacement is the LG 42LA690V, a 42” smart TV.  I was worried about the size... Read more

Inateck 2.5 HD Enclosure Review

The Inateck HD Enclosure is a great little gadget, perfect for making use of any spare 2.5 SATA drives (the type found in laptops) you might have. As with other Inateck products you get a nicely designed bit of kit, it’s plastic with... Read more

Portal 2 Bookends

Portal and Portal 2 have some great merchandise and these Portal 2 bookends are such an obvious idea  it’s surprising they didn’t come out when Portal was originally released. As you can see from the image, the idea is a simple... Read more

Asus Transformer Prime Review

I purchased my Transformer Prime when it came out. At the time there were no real alternatives available, but oh how the marketplace has changed! The price of the Transformer Prime hasn’t dropped much, so why should you consider this... Read more